Dab of CNY: Dairy Goodness.

Dairy Goodness.
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Earl and I made the first run of the season to a very popular ice cream stand. We bundled ourselves up (it’s still chilly at night in these parts) and made the trek to the Ice Cream Factory, located in the little town of Chadwicks, New York, just southeast of Utica.

The Ice Cream Factory is one of the more popular ice cream stands in the area with a 1/2 hour wait or more on hot summer nights. Tonight there were just a few in line before us and only one window was open, but at 52 degrees it’s really not full-tilt ice cream weather yet.

Tonight’s selection was Adirondack Brownie Ice Cream from Mercer’s, which is vanilla ice cream with a fudge swirl and chunks of chocolate brownie strewn through it.

It’s yummy.

If you’re in the area, The Ice Cream Factory is definitely worth a visit for a summer treat. You can e-mail me for directions.

Inspired by Joe. My. God.’s “Morning View” blog entries, I’ve decided to try something similar and share little bits and pieces of Central New York from time to time.