Thank You.

It was announced today by Defense Secretary Robert Gates that the Army tours in Iraq have been extended by three months. Anything that can be said about this has already been said by bloggers much more versed in the subject than I, so this is all I can say:

[Thank You]


Rosie O’Donnell has recently started doing a videoblog on her site. It’s quite interesting to hear what she has to say when she’s not being tempered by the influences of “The View”.

I have been a Rosie O’Donnell fan since her Star Search days. I have always loved her comedy, it’s great to see someone else that has as much useless crap as I do in her head (tv and movie trivia, etc.) and I’ve always been amazed at the amount of support and energy she puts into her charities.

Since she has substantially ramped up her personal views, observations and opinions on current world affairs since joining “The View”, my admiration for her has grown tenfold. I admire her courage to ask the questions that few have the balls to ask and I’m in awe of the amount of passion that she has in her convictions. I may not agree with her 100% on everything (usually 95-99% of time, quite honestly), but you can’t help but appreciate the compassion of her arguments.

Take a peek at her videoblogs where she answers questions from her blog readers. It’s very interesting.