Sounds Like Spring.

This morning I was awoken by the sounds of an approaching thunderstorm. At first I panicked as I remembered a dream for two nights ago where everyone around me that was holding a cell phone was getting struck by lightning, but then I was thrilled with the prospect of a a thunderstorm. I sat up in bed, hoping to catch a glimpse of some wild lightning flashes. I was not disappointed.

The arrival of Nature’s light and sound show means that spring is here.

I’m currently doing some homework at the kitchen table. Looking over the deck I’m watching fighter pilots (from the closed air base?) practice maneuvers over the countryside. In the distance I just heard the sound of a train go by on the “seasonal” railroad tracks that head up into the Adirondacks.

Most importantly, when I step outside I hear birds singing. Mother Nature may dust us with snow at the end of the week (which won’t be a big deal), but it is definitely spring.