Early To Rise, Early To Bed.

Early To Rise, Early To Bed.

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Earl and I are back in the hotel room after a night out on the town. It’s quite chilly here in New York, so we’re bundled up like we’re from upstate or something. At least we’ve left the dog sled at home.

Tonight we saw “The Apple Tree”, featuring a wonderful cast including the very talented Kristin Chenoweth. We both enjoyed the show and recommend that you see it if you have the chance. It’s a three act play (the first show I’ve seen that had three acts) and is a fun show. Currently being shown at the Studio 54 Theatre, the smaller audience coupled with the smaller cast gives the show an intimiate feel. Ms. Chenoweth is a multi-talented performer, with an incredible singing voice and impeccable comedic timing.

We both highly recommend the show.

Afterwards, we followed our tradition and stopped at The Stage Deli for a bite to eat. Upon first glance of the menu, the choice was obvious, I had to have the Linda Lavin Salad Platter. I don’t know what made that choice obvious, but it’s what I had and it was quite enjoyable.

I’m now singing the theme song from Alice in my head again. As I type this I can hear the jazz Wurlitzer in the dead space between my ears. Good times.