Afternoon View: E 61st (JMG Imitation)

E 61st.

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Earl and I have arrived safely in The Big Apple. We are at the Loew’s Regency on Park Avenue at 63rd. I’ve taken a picture out the window Joe. My. God. style to make me feel right at home here in Manhattan. I believe it’s E 63rd but I’ve been around so many blocks while en route I think my bearings are a little off. I know for certain that I’m not in Jersey.

We’ve been here for about 10 minutes. Earl has ripped the ventilation grate off the heater and smashed the mini-bar. I’ve asked him to close the barn door and to get a grip. Otherwise, all is well in our weekend home.

We’re going out exploring.

Update: It’s actually E 61st looking toward Madison Avenue.