Why, Yes I Am.

Today in Sociology class we were asked to form groups of six so that we could work on a project together. Feeling like Grandpa Walton gathering the little rugrats around him, “Spin us another tale of the old days!”, the five closest classmates to me formed a group and we all exchanged introductions.

It was then that Drew said to me, “Didn’t you used to be on the radio?”

I blushed a bit and said that yes, I had been on the radio for about ten years. Darcy, sitting to my right, nodded in agreement and said she remembered me from the radio too. Shannon said that she listened to me when she was giving birth to her third child. I guess I had never thought back then that someone was listening to me while they were screaming out in pain and experiencing the miracle of birth. She said we were the only station that played Stevie B. and she remembered hearing “I Wanna Be The One”, the long version.

It was then that Drew said, “I remembered listening to you when I was little!”