Quick Thought.


I always find it nice to see something that sparks a distant memory and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. I was looking around on ebay today and came across this clock. While I can’t afford it right now, the picture alone made me feel good because it made me think of my “city” grandparents. They had a clock exactly like this one in their living room.

I can remember visiting on hot summer nights, watching the Yankees game with grandma and grandpa with huge, baby blue box fan in the corner whirring away in an effort to cool the living room down from the sweltering heat. Living downwind from the airport, an airliner would go over on some sort of pre-planned schedule. My grandfather said he hated the Yankees but never missed a game on “11 Alive”. Grandma would be knitting.

And a clock just like this one would be ticking away on the wall.