It’s January.

Well now it’s looking like January. We’re under a Lake Effect Snow Warning through tomorrow night. I’ve heard expected snow accumulation of anywhere from one inch to at least a foot. Only Mother Nature knows, so I figure why worry about it. We’ve got a snowblower, I’m capable of running it, and we like being snuggled up in the house, so what’s there to worry about. Hell, we’ve even got powdered milk that we can mix with snow if things get really tough.

Since I’m a relatively smart cub, I have today and every Friday off from school. I’m using the time to catch up on my assignments, catch up on laundry and clean the house from top to bottom.

Yeah, right.

I stopped in at my old office and gave them a loaf of raisin bread to share and then I’ve been working on websites and doing road geek things all day. I am doing laundry too, but that doesn’t really require a lot of effort. I do think that I’ll have to get up and chase the guts of the washing machine down the hallway some time soon because those bearings that have been making noise for the past four months or so are getting really, really loud. Let’s all say a prayer to Mother Downy Tide that we don’t have to buy a new washer for a while, because fixing this beast is more expensive than buying a new one.

Tonight we are scheduled to go to Syracuse for dinner with my sister. I think we’ll brave the storm and go unless it gets too out of control on the Thruway. After all, that’s why four-wheel drive was invented.