The Journey Continues.

Always A Road Geek.

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Tonight is the last night of my CADD class at the local technical school (what we call BOCES in Upstate New York). I think I got an “A”. To commemorate the survival of this return to school after 20 years, over the weekend Earl took a picture of me standing next to a sign for my favorite road, Interstate 81.

I know it’s very odd for a person to have a favorite road, but as a diehard “roadgeek” and an aspiring traffic engineer, I do have an unusual interest in this sort of thing and growing up close to Interstate 81 led me to many road adventures throughout my life. Where I grew up, you had to take I-81 to get anywhere.

My return to school full-time starts up in January. I’ll have a copy of this picture in my notebook for a little inspiration.

I know. I’m a big, big geek.