Anyone remember WT Grants?

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I kind of pride myself on this one. I remember the W.T. Grants department store chain, more specifically, the one in Northern Lights Plaza north of Syracuse, N.Y. Grants went out of business in 1975 (when I was around seven years old), but I remember shopping there with my mom and my grandmother. I remember my mother playing her Christmas albums with the “Grants” logo on the label on the GE Wildcat record player that was able to hold up to six albums at once. The retail space gave way to several department stores afterwards, including Two Guys, Zayre and Ames. Today it’s a Staples.

Apparently the family that owns the Grants Vegetable Farm near Oneida Lake (and not too far from Northern Lights) was able to snag the old Grants department store sign for their barn. I’ve seen this sign up on the barn for years, today I finally snapped a picture of it.

What’s even a little scarier is that the founder of Grants, William Thomas Grant, was originally from the city of Bradford, Pa. I drove through Bradford, Pa. on my way home today, just so I could get some pictures of some old road signs. Perhaps I brought his ghost along for a ride.


  1. Hi, Worked for Grants from 1971-75 when they closed. Store #1344 in Chittenango , N.Y. Had a good time there working in the Auto Center. The store had a lot of variety, even an appliance department with furnishings,etc. The Bradford House had good meals at great prices too! Not much that compares to Grants today! Still know of several people that worked there during those years.

      1. in saginaw,michigan we had a w.t. grants store on state road in green acres plaza it was next to the a & P store, remember the old A & P.???????????????? why cant someone bring those old stores back like arlans, shoppers fair, kresges, woolworths, yankee stores. state vitamin.store.where shampoo and etc. was bought.

      2. I remember Grants in Flushing N.Y. …great hot dogs on a grilled bun….the best !!!

        1. The best dogs ever!!! Nice toasted New England (aka Split top) buns couldn’t get enough of them. Till this day, any time I have hot dogs, I replicate this and feel like I I’m a kid again. Thank you WT Grant what a wonderful simple meal you created.
          Anyone know the brand of hotdogs, etc they used? Please share.
          The store I frequented was in downtown Troy, NY.

    1. I worked for wt grant from 1955 to 1961 in St paul minnesota as a cook. The resturant manager Jim driscoll taught me how to cook. It was a great store. I miss it.

      1. John. I worked at Grants as a cool in Berea, Ohio. Then became a restaurant manager in Oswego, NY. Jim Driscoll was our regional manager. A good guy.

          1. My name is Hal too!!! When I was 3 years old my mom took me to grants on Main St. in Flushing Queens NY and everyone was crowded around the B&W TV’s which were all on. It turned out that everyone including my mom & I were watching the first moon landing! I can’t believe I can remember that far back and so vividly!

          2. I remember Jim, meet him when I was opening stores,mid 70s, check out wt grants on face book

        1. I WORKED in the Manhattan office in 1966 it was my first job out of school I made $50 bucks a week… spent $2 bucks a day lunch and transportation…I worked as a file clerk… what an experience…I was 17 Years old.. thank God they had some cute Guys there..

          1. i worked at grants head office in manhattan from january of 1965 until january of 1966 when i went in the navy. i want to say i worked on the 7th floor but maybe not, anyway i was a file clerk. i am trying to remember where the office was and whether or not the building is still there. was it on 7th ave between 40th and 41st or on broadway, just above the old met?

          2. I also worked in the Manhattan office in 1966 as a comptroller. I made $1.65/hr. It was a great job, I worked with girls just like me, 18 years old, just out of H.S. Grants provided breakfast every day – bagels, lox and cream cheese, and coffee – at least that’s how I remember it. On Friday, payday, we went out to lunch and had a drink with it.

          1. My Dad was a W.T. Grant manager. We always had only Bradford everything- tv’s, blenders, etc. One funny memory I have is the fact that we would buy Dad the 50 cent knock off cologne for Christmas and it had numbers for names. He called it Barnyard #7 or some such name!!!

        2. John, my name is Mike, did your employees call you Mr. J. I worked as a cook in the early 70’s in Oswego, NY. You got transferred to Ogdensburg, NY.

      2. I think my dad was friends with My Driscoll. My dad was the store manager for the downtown Minneapolis Store like around 1964. He was also a manager in Youngstown Ohio, in what I believe to be the first shopping center in the US. Also ran stores in New, Castle Indiana, Omaha Nebrass, Tucson Arizona

    2. My Grandfather was CEO of Grants. His name was James Kendrick. I remember the closing of Grants. My mom was a cashier in the final days. I know my grandfather took his job seriously and was a very proud man. Unfortunately he us gone, but he lived a good long life with his wife Margaret. Hopefully he touched some of your lives.

    3. i loved the hot dogs on the toasted buttered bun. i would sometime go downtown just for the hot dog and not even shop, delicious

      1. I lived on the south shore of Long Island, NY, and I would regularly take the bus into Patchogue, JUST to get their hot dogs. They were the absolute best I’ve ever had, toasted buttered bun and their relish too! Even 40 years later I LONG to taste them again!!! Does ANYONE know what brand they were, and/or who made them for Grant??

    4. I went there as a kid in the early 70’s. The store was heading west out of town on Rt 5 We lived in Perryville, NY

    5. My Dad Newman ( Bud ) Conklin was a manager for WT Grants for most of my childhood, Early ‘60s to the mid ‘70s we moved every two or three years as he got promoted up through the ranks. Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kenosha Wisconsin, DeKalb Illinois ( the longest- six years) then finally Bedford Indiana where his store “ Grant City” was one of the last stores to close. Mostly wonderful memories!

      1. Hi Mike. I was Bud’s Assistant Mgr. at Kenosha Wi. 1966, 1967. Best Mgr. I ever work for and the smartest. I think you will remember me, Don Derringer from Baldwin with. You and Bud spend a weekend with me at my cabin at Hayward wi. I would love to talk to about Bud.

    6. My fatherNewman( Bud) Conklin was a WT Grants manager for my entire childhood! From the early ‘60s to the mid ‘70s we moved every two or three years as he got promoted up the ranks- Grand Rapids Michigan, Kenosha Wisconsin, DeKalb Illinois ( six years the longest] and finally Bedford Indiana where his store “ Grant City” was one of the very last stores to close! Many mostly wonderful memories!

  2. I worked for W. T. Grants in Atlanta in 1961 in the toy department.
    I was a kid and thought the job was fun. I sold nuts and candy there, too.

  3. My grandfather was a store manager for WT Grants for many years, the last store he managed was in Clarksburg, WV. Most of his retirement was in Grants stock, which obviously didn’t work out too well. Yet, I have fond memories of him taking me to the store on Sunday’s, back when stores were closed on Sunday, and letting me get any toy I wanted.

    1. I worked at the Bellaire ohio Grants, It was a 2 story wood floor building and I vagually remember a Joe Oris that worked in the same district as I did. Our DM at that time was Ray Cambeell.

      1. My Dad helped manage Clarksburg in the late 60s. He would let me in on special occasions on Sunday to get something. He also helped manage the one in Fairmont.

    2. My father also was a Grants manager. We lived all over the Midwest. He was in Lexington, Ky.when they closed. He lost his retirement also. Every time I hear about the WT Grant Foundation, it makes me angry. Should have used that money to take care of those who lost everything.

      1. Hi- My father was a W.T. Grant manager as well. He worked for Grants for 20 years- right out of college. I was mad about the WT Foundation, too, and even wrote a nasty letter to the foundation. I since then have found out that they tried almost everything to keep the stores in business! If I could write a book it would be about being a retail brat and moving all over the US. I have heard that term- instead of an army brat!! I went to 8 different schools growing up- North Dakota, Minneapolis, St. Paul, La Crosse Wisconsin, Kansas City, Bowling Green Kentucky, Decatur, IL and then the family had one last move to Quincy, IL then the company went out of business. It was a wild ride and made me who I am today! Good or bad??

      2. I agree 100%. My dad passed in 1972. He told my mother NOT to sell the stocks, they would take care of her LONG into her years. That it would also take care of my brother and I. Well that did not happen. Sad.

  4. I have so many memories of Grants in Bay Shore, NY. The hot dogs were the best I’ve ver had. And I can still smell the popcorn. As a kid in the 60’s I could find all kinds of christmas gifts and not spend more then 75 cents each. Who could forget the joy of getting their first credit book, all $150.00 of credit. I thought I died and went to heaven with that book.I still have a book of sewing needles from that store.My fondest memory is a day I went with my mother(now gone)to Grants and she bought me a record called “Where have all the flowers gone”.Everytime I hear the song on the radio I think of that day and the old Grants store.

    1. LOL I know the store in Bay Shore, and ate hot dogs there many times! Absolutely the best hot dogs EVER!! And I share the exact same memories of Christmas shopping. It was my “go to” for many years as a pre-teen and teenager!!

    2. I too remember Bayshore Grants. My cousin worked there behind the beauty counter. My Aunt, her mom would take there to have an ice cream sundae at the “counter”. Whenever I hear Petula Clark’s song “Down Town” I think of the Grants in Bayshore and going “down town to shope

  5. Hi! iam alittle young (20) to remberthe stores but i have found a little garden tractor called a bradford pinto. I would like to learn more about it. I would like to rebiuld the pinto and then display it tell where it came from. If any one has any info on it my cell is (260) 564 0726 thank u very much

  6. I am 51 years old and remember our Grants store in the town of Bennington, Vermont. This was the 1960s into the mid 1970s. Our family used to visit Grants to shop there every summer when we went on vacation from Massachusetts. Later, when we moved to the Bennington Area, Grants was our only department store in a shopping plaza (Woolworth’s was on Main Street). I remember as a kid eating at the Bradford House restaurant. One Christmas I received a Bradford House brand portable AM/FM radio that I kept right up into my adult years (wish I had it now). Needless to say, I especially loved the toy section as a kid.

  7. I remember my sister and her girlfriends all worked at Grants in Jamaica Queens, NY back in the early 70’s. That was their after school job.

  8. My dad worked for WT Grants in Gouveneur, NY when they built the new store and added the auto department. He worked there until they closed down.

    1. What was your dad’s name? My did was a WTG mgr in Wellsville, NY-Norristown, PA-Beacon, NY. My brother attended St. Lawrence. One year on our way back from dropping him off we stopped in Gouveneur to visit dad’s friend who was a manager. The man told me how he rocked me when I was little. I do not remember his name. My dad was Clyde Parker.

  9. The Grants store my family shopped at was in Baden, PA, coincidently also part of a “Northern Light Shopping Center”. Every year we eagerly awaited the new christmas album! My father also loved to pick up a sack of christmas rock candy from the store, it came shaped like toys or christmas items, and in different colors…green, red, clear is all I remember. I also recall there was a restaurant in the back of the store that my dad loved to get deep fried clams while waiting for the girls to shop.

    1. I remember the restaurant at the back of the store, too! They had some good food! I think they also had an area where you could buy pets, like fish and birds. I lived near the shopping center and went there often, especially in my early teens. I loved going to Grant’s, Kresge’s, and G.C. Murphy’s.

  10. I remember going home from grade school, WT Grant’s was on Main Street.
    We’d walk in, creaky wooden floor, and on the right, was the candy counter, the smell of roasting nuts, and candy samples. My aunt worked in the dress dept., and one Christmas, she gave me these white furry mittens, and a white furry hat, with the tie pompoms. Then, down the creaky wide stairwell, in the left corner downstairs, was the pet dept. Another aunt worked there, and when I was 8 yrs. old, she gave me my first parakeet. Then, there was an archway into another room, the toy room, where at Christmas, Santa gave out toys. I’m 58 now, but I can still smell those nuts roasting, hear the creaks in the floor, and see all the toys. Too bad there’s not a retro Grants store somewhere.

    1. Wow,sounds like wonderful memories.For some reason, I had the Grant’s store in my area (Houma,La.) on my mind and thought about finding any info about the co.Great to hear about memories like this,Darrell 58

  11. “On June 27, 2005, a woman named Anna Snell from Kansas City posted a brief ode to the New England dog, which read: “I used to work at W.T. Grant’s 30 years ago, and I sold those famous grilled hot dogs with the New England style hot dog roll. We buttered it on both sides on the butter wheel, then grilled it like a grilled cheese. Then opened the top split, put in the chili, then the hot dog, with relish, mustard and onions on top. That way, the chili doesn’t fall off when you eat it. 40 cents and 45 cents with chili — I sold 100 hot dogs in three hours!”

    Wow. My stomach growled just typing that. I wonder if there is anything close to that concoction for sale around Madison? In the meantime, I’m ordering some of the rolls for home experimentation. It sounds delicious and decadent, and the best thing? Still no ketchup.

    Heard something Moe should know? Call 252-6446, write P.O. Box 8060, Madison, WI 53708, or e-mail dmoe@madison.com

    Doug Moe — 5/16/2007 10:22 am ”
    See The Capital Times Madison, Wisconsin for complete article. Smiles, Ann Snell

      1. Garrry, I’ve been trying to find the brand/manufacturer of the Grant hot dogs for years. They were the best hot dogs I’ve ever had. Have you discovered who made them? Marc

          1. Hi all.. According to the Dept 26 “serve ’em what you show ’em” book from June of 1961 , the frankfurters are 5 3/4″ long -7 to a pound – all meat. Sourced from Hormel.

  12. I started working at Grant’s on Main St. in Flushing when I was 16. My mom had worked in the toy dept there for many years! Those were great christmases! I worked in the snack bar and sold those delicious hot dogs!! Fund days!!!

  13. I remember as a child going to Grants in Medford Mass.
    They had access to the basement with a wide creaky set of wooden stairs.It was the first department store I went in and the first to see a going out of business sale at.
    Today I live in Maine and Reny’s carries on the tradition of the older buildings with creaky stairs to climb and get some values.

  14. I work at a company that owns a building where grants used to be and the door still has “Grants” on the door handles.

  15. I remember in the early 60s when I would get out of High School and would go to Grants Department Store in Panorama City, California. I would order a coke and a grilled cheese sandwich. That was my mid-afternoon snack. The store also had a full basement floor.

  16. I remember shopping with my Mother, when I was a child, in Decatur, Alabama. My young Mother purchased a set of dishes by lay-away. Every week I went with her to pay on these dishes and they were our “best” for many years. After a time they were boxed and stored, replaced with newer pattern in the china cabinet. In later years, while shopping in an Antique mall, she found out the W.T. Grant dishes were very valuable which prompted to display them in the china cabinet. She recently passed away and I now have those dishes in my china cabinet. I have told this story to my Daughter for many years and my plan is to give them to her at a future date. The dish pattern is “Moss Rose”.

      1. I think your thinking about the Suburban Plaza store that was at Scott Blvd and N Dectaur Rd. Then they went out on Candler Road and built a Grant City.

      2. My Dad was the store manager back in the 70’s. The store was at Fairview Plaza- next to Goldblatts. My Dad hired all of my friends to work there!! I worked at Walgreens just to the south of Grants!

    1. hi, my parents bought me 2 of those grants turtles when i was like 2 or 3 years old(circa 1970) A salesman mistakeingly stepped on one and the other one we set free in a nearby branch( i`d like to think its still alive somewhere)

    2. OMG…my brother and I went thru Grants Turtles like tissues back in the late 60’s early 70’s. They also sold the little plastic pond with the fake palm tree on the side. Poor little creatures only would last a week or two before dying off.

  17. I also worked at Grants in Andover MA when I was 16.Better than that is that my sister-in-law is the grandaughter of one of the Grant Brothers who owned the store. Her grandfather passed away about 8 years ago at a nice old age.

  18. I worked at the Bradford house in the mid 70’s in Louisville, KY. What a blast…had the best boss I ever had…Charlie!…and great friends Debbie, Shiela….others…My memories are of a packed house every day…food was excellent and very resonably priced…did hate one thing…at one point we got new uniforms…UGH ..dark blue, puffy short sleeves, apron at waist…they were gastly! Sure had great time working there as my first job during high school…wish it was still there!

    1. I worked at a Bradford House as well, and remember those horrible new uniforms; they were so uncomfortable! It was ny first job as well,and I’ll never forget it. I have a Bucky Bradford doll.

      1. I remember the Bradford House. We had one in our store. The food there was pretty good. I especially loved their salads.

  19. hi grew up at Grants. My grandmother and two ands were buyers and a district manager. here in Philadelphia. i often walk down market street and try to recall the scene of my grandmother holding my hand as we would walk through town.
    when i met my partner i found out his mother was a secretary in new york city. what a small world.
    just before my grandmother passed away she gave me here wheat dishes and i cherish them each time i use them.
    thank you for the memory.

  20. My first job was as a stockboy at the Grants in Northeast Philadelphia in 1966. I remember buying clothes, music albums and eating at the lunch counter there. They even had a pet department and once I was assigned to catch a canary that had escaped from its cage and was flying around the store.

  21. I remember Grant’s in Windber Pa when I was a kid at Christmas. You could smell the candy and the roasted nuts. Also, the staircase was against the wall which was three floors. The Johnstown flood of 1977 came through town and destroyed the inside of the building but the outside still stands. Many good memories!!!!

    1. Bernadette, I didn’t realize that Windber had a Grants. I worked at Grants City that was on the hill in Richland over looking Windber. My Dad worked for GTE in Windber so you mentioning the city brought back a lot of memories. About Grants, I worked for a man named Manny Bregman who was the manager of the shoe department. This was my first job and was so excited about the job. The bad thing was Manny was a tyrant which brought my excitement down to earth. I work with him for 6 months ( which was a record – 3 months was the next longest) after he cussed me out in front of a customer I had had enough and threatened to quit, so they made me manager of the record dept which I loved. The other thing I loved was the restaurant. I always ordered the fried clams, and if I remember correctly it was $3.99 for a full meal. God do I miss those days. Thanks Bernadette for the memories.

      1. I work in the Richland store too as a management trainee, then move to two more stores as an asst manager then to my own store in Lancaster PA. I do recall Manny Bregman. I was there Oct 1971 to Oct 1972 Aprox. Manny never wanted anyone to leave with just shoes, He wanted to sell them some socks or polish or something else.

  22. Hi,

    Another great Grant’s memory from Louisville KY…

    I was having a late night grilled cheese and that reminded me of the ones I would get shopping at Grant’s with my mother in the early 70’s. They were so good! I was all of about 5 or 6, but still remember the taste of that warm gooey buttery sandwich served on that thick white plate with the Bradford House logo. As a 6 year old, I just thought that was livin’. One year we trekked out there to by a 7 foot blue pine Christmas tree. I LOVED the holiday decor and seem to recall a lot of decorated trees all high up on display and the sound of bells and chimes. I can almost smell the popcorn right now 🙂 Oh man…and the roasted nuts.

    In my search for “W T Grant’s Bradford House”, I came across someone on Ebay selling a dinner plate from the restaurant, how cool! Thanks for the great memories!


  24. i remember there was a wt grants in our hometown of rockland ma. my mom and i went there alot, i especially remember buying cookies that were sold by the amount you took from the container, sugar wafers and scotch jam were my favorite. i am still looking for scotch jams but cant find them anywhere, i cant remember who produced them ,however i do remember buying them at a grocery store after wt grant closed,but that store closed and i havent seen that cookie since then.

  25. I worked in the Bradford House in 1970-1971 in Brentwood Long Island.
    I was a line cook, and remembered the pretty good food, and the great staff, most of us were High School students working part time.
    All of the food was top shelf, and very fresh, some delivered daily .
    All you can eat Fish on Friday nights for .99 !

    I used to cook nearly every evening for around 75-100 people, and it kept me on my toes.

    It taught me the basics of cooking, and the very important timing aspect.

  26. Loved reading these. I started working at Grants in North Tonawanda, NY in 1963 at the age of 15. Abunch of us were hired to canvas the city on foot, knocking on doors and asking if anyone would like to open a credit account with Grants. Tose of us that did well were given a part-time job in the store at the end of the summer. I was one of the lucky ones staring on the floor in the men’s department. Quickly I moved from there to the register, where you had to count out change, and then on to the office. I worked 16 hours a week for the next 2 years, helping me to pay my way through college. I worked there all through college and for 1 summer after I graduated. Then it was in the new store in Amherst, NY. I loved that company and still have many items that have the old WT on the label. Unfortunately, my uncle who was a manager for Grants for many years, lost all retirement benefits in his stocks. He is in his 80’s and still attends the W T Grant reunions. Great memories.

    1. I first worked at the Grants in Leesburg, Florida, in their office. It was a part-time job in the evenings and on Saturday afternoon while I was attending the local community college. While the store manager was nice, my immediate supervisor constantly bullied and harassed me. It was the first job I’d ever had and she took unfair advantage of the fact that I was green. I was finally let go from there – however, but not before my supervisor talked me down and made me feel like a complete incompetent. She also refused to mail my last paycheck so I had to travel back to that store to pick it up. It took a long time for me to stop doubting myself after that. I learned later that she had at one time been the floor supervisor and constantly harassed the sales clerks so that is probably why they put her in the office.

      I also worked on the sales floor at the Grants in Mt. Dora, Florida, and was treated quite well there.

      1. Hi Renee worked as a floor walker from 1966 to 1971 at the Grants store # 50 Main & Huron Buffalo, had the best dept’s the record, candy, drugs, tobacco, & notions was the best time of my life loved the part time girls from high school & collage working there started there after serving 4 yrs. In the Air Force was 21 when I started really loved Christmas time had to work a lot of hrs. but had such a good time still have a lot of stuff I got from the store went to work for Transcontinent Record Sales if you ever got a record from Grants it more then likely came from there.

    2. My Aunt and Uncle lived in North Tonawanda and I remember going to that Grants in The Plaza when we visited from Windber Pa. We loved Grants, great memories.

    3. I worked at the Grant’s store on Military Rd in Niagara Falls NY. I worked at the deli and Bradford House. 1972 until 1974

  27. does anyone know the name of the soda fountain rest right in Grants rockland mas? Can’t for the life of me rememebr the name and I worked there as a teen:>) thanks

  28. Grants in Hightstown, NJ off of route 130. The smell and the profound embarrasement of anyone in school knowing that you bought your clothes from Grants. Oh, the pain the pain!

  29. I started as a stockboy at the age of 18 years old in Sacramento, ca. Once I turned 21 started as a manager trainee. In less than two years(1969) I was the manager of my own store in Hayward, Ca. It was a great ride. They moved to 7 different stores in the Bay area until I ended back in Sacramento as a manager of A Grant City in 1975. I closed that store at Thanksgiving in 1975 as they closed all the stores on the west coast. It was the most fun as I ever had in my retail career, I still have some of my stock certificates. I started to work for TG&Y the day after Thanks Giving of that year.

    1. Hi Gary
      I also ran w t grant stores in southern ca, Colton, riverside, Sante Fay springs, long beach I still have all the ic5 and mgmt forms and Bradford house menus.
      Bill Layton
      San Diego

      1. Hi- Just talked to my Mom and she doesn’t remember the restaurants being called Bradford House. She only remembers some snack counters. My Dad managed W.T. Grant stores all over the midwest for 20 years! I was a retail brat. I have actually heard that term! He managed stores in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN, Wichita Kansas, Kansas City KS., Bowling Green, KY, Decatur, IL and Quincy IL. All I have as a souvenir is a cookbook that came with a Bradford fondue pot. I no longer have the pot. My daughter lives in Santee now!!

        1. Patti , I worked in the Wichita store as a stockman in part of 1960 and part of 1961 and moved to Oxnard, Ca with store manager Jack Readon

    2. Hi,

      My older brother, Dan, worked for W.T. Grants and started in Spokane,Wa., he He was transfered to Santa Rosa,Ca, Medford,Oregon, Somewhere in Montana, i think Kalispel,
      and i think another in California,, and last location was in Spokane,Wa. I think he liked working for grants, and i think he was an assistant manager or manager of the stores.I read somewhere a while back that they provided good ethical training for their managers.Its possible that you may have known my brother.

      1. pete, I worked as an assistant mgr at the

        grants store in the northtown shopping center the last part of 1964 and early 1965 Jim Case

  30. according to my mom, she can still see those grants hot dogs. she would buy 2& sneak them in the theatre across the street! she even buttered our hot dogs for me and my sister, but she says she came nowhere near the taste of grants. she was so hurt when it went outta business in the 70’s. wish i couldve tasted them the wayy everyone is bragging on them. guess i’m just missing out on everything, w/ my 12 y.o. self.

    PS: she told me not to put her age.. she’s 51.. XD

  31. My friend, Joyce Bowman, helped me get a job at W.T. Grants on Folsom Blvd. in Sacramento, CA. After a few months my brother, Conrad, and my boyfriend, Gary Kurns, were hired. My brother and boyfriend had previously worked for McDonald’s across the street. We had so much fun and met so many nice people working at Grant’s. More of the people are still my friends to this day. All of us must be in our sixties. Those were the good old days.

  32. I remember Grants in Moorestown, N.J., it was right next to the A&P grocery store, they had everything! As a kid you could go in there with 50 cents and come out happy. My mother still lives in town and still has an old Christmas album from the early sixties with the Grant’s label on it. That’s actually how I found this site, I was looking for old Christmas albums from the 60’s

  33. I remember the W.T. Grants store in Hyannis,mass as i lived on Cape Cod. Grants had an entrance on Main street and a side entrance in a large parking lot. It always had a lot of interesting items and remember when it closed in 1975. Another piece of Americana gone.

  34. my mom use to manage the little restaurant at grants in ionia michigan, ma still has coffie cups from there and i still have a bradford stereo and still works

    1. the little restaurant was called the skillet. I managed the one in willow grove pa. started as a dishwasher for $1.25 an hour, went to a cook for $1.50 , then manager for $1.75 per hour !

  35. In 1955, we moved to Decatur, GA and in the Belvedere Plaza Shopping Center there was a WT Grant store. It was originally one floor, but after Thanksgiving, they opened a stairway to the lower level that became Toyland along with Christmas merchandise. In the early 60s, the store was remodeled. They put in a lunch counter with booths, like Woolworth’s had and they made the lower level a permanent part of the store with appliances, plants and the pet department and stuff. One of the most outstanding things I remember seeing for sale at Grants were individual goldfish in 5″ by 4″ plastic bags that were attached to a display board. The top of each bag was folded over with a paper label stapled to it. The lunch counter cooked the frozen French fries on the grill, under a cover and when they were served, they were so hot you could not eat them. They made the coffee in old-fashion glass vacuum pots where the water gurgled up from the lower bowl to the top bowl and then after a minute or two, they turned off the heat and the coffee went back down. We moved before the store went into a decline and I don’t think I went into another Grants after that.

  36. I started with the WT Grant Company in Davenport Iowa in 1965, entering their Credit Manager Training Program following my two years of business school. Following the training program, believe it was only 120 days, I was promoted to Credit Manager of the WT Grant store in St. Joseph, Mo. As the Davenport store manager was informing me of my promotion, he glanced at my personnel file and noticed I was only 20 years old. Apparently, he had completely overlooked the fact that I was underage when he hired me into the training program. To make a long story short, the manager was eventually able to get an age exception from the company’s bonding company and I subsequently moved to St. Joseph, Mo., as the youngest credit manager in WT Grant history.

    I left Grants in 1969 to start a new career path. During my four years with them, I was promoted/transferred from Davenport, Ia. to St. Joseph, Mo. to Kansas City, Mo. to Des Moines, Ia. to Granite City, Il. to finally Louisville, Ky. Since I was single at the time and had very little personal property, they could move me very cheaply! And, at the drop of a hat. I could literally (and should) write a book on my experiences with Grants. Because of my then very young age, limited training and absolutely no prior managerial experience, the learning curve was straight up. Yet, as I look back on that time, it was one of the most difficult, yet awarding times of my life.

    1. Was your Manager Al Heilmann. I think he was in Davenport in the 60’s. I worked for him in Saginaw, Michigan.

  37. I worked in the Bradford House Restaurant in North Andover in the late 60’s as a dishwasher. Mr Casey ran the place and trained other’s to run restaurants. He was a greatguy.

  38. Does anyone remember, was there a Grants store in Casa Grande AZ? I’m trying to remember the store that was there before the KMart went in. I can’t remember if it was a Grants or not. Help, I’m going crazy trying to figure it out.

  39. There was a Grants in Warsaw, Indiana that was part of a brand new shopping center in the fall of 1968. I married and moved to Warsaw in 1973 and my husband and I bought our first vacuum, a Bradford compact sweeper that looked just like an Electrulux. It was an excellent sweeper and only konked out a few years ago after I gave it to my son for his apartment and the motor died because he never changed the bags!! How funny that just today I was cleaning out my basement and found a pair of brown shoe laces in the original package that were the Grants brand. Price was 2 for 27 cents. The store is now a K-Mart.

    1. W T Grant in Warsaw took over a new building that A & P Supermarkets built at the then new Shopping Center on the east side of Warsaw. There was also one in Wabash, Indiana, at the intersection of US 25 and IN-15. There was also one in Vermont in the Arlington, Bennington, Manchester area. I shopped Grants stores wherever U traveled and felt it was a good store for shopping. W T Grand made a habit of taking over closed box stores at the time, keeping their cost down.

  40. I worked at Grants pt as a college student at the Culver Ridge Plaza in Rochester, NY for a couple of years back in the early-mid 1970’s. The store seemed old fashioned to me as I recall and we were paid in cash. I guess checks or direct deposits were not available to us at that time. Very traditional…women as section managers, cashiers and clerks and men as store managers and assistants. I recall one of our managers starting to sell yarn at a discounted price and before long we had huge boxes of yard overtaking the store. It must have been tough on managers at they seemed to get relocated every year with little or no notice. (Friday told to be in another city on Monday)

    The best thing to happen to me at Grants was meeting my wife there….she was a clerk and I was a stockboy. Later I sold Bradford furniture and appliances on draw/commission earning about $100.00/week. I really miss those days and the people I worked with. I often wonder whatever became of them once Grants went bankrupt. Wish there was a way to contact a few of them. Oh well. Anyone who worked in the Rochester, NY area feel free to email me at dpomeroy@rochester.rr.com

      1. Were you manager of the Culver Ridge store in the early 1970s? A Mr Ryan was manager at our store when I was hired.

        1. My mother, Hazel Wood, worked at the Culver Ridge Grant’s in the late 70’s and early 80’s. She passed away in 2002.

  41. I remember the wonderful Grants in the Shop City plaza in Syracuse…they had coloring contests for kids in the Bradford restaurant portion of the store for every holiday. My Mom had a Bradford stereo that ran like a top for about 20 years before the turntable belt broke. They also had a nice dress shop there.

  42. I worked at the Bradford House in Madison, Tennessee in 1974. I was a newlywed and had just moved here from California. Didn’t work there long because of their closing but was thankful for the job while it lasted.

  43. Does anyone remember the Grant’s store in downtown Buffalo, NY? I never went to it when it was open but about 1979/80, a few of us from the Shea’s Buffalo Theatre, salvaged things from it before it was torn down – too bad- it was a Raymond Loewy designed Streamlined building (like the Greyhound bus station up the street) Two stories with a basement, that sat on the corner of Main and Genesse streets. The first time I walked in the front door, I was taken aback about how stunning the space was (even in it’s dark and dirty state)
    I have several pieces of furniture from the offices – two original Alvar AAlto tables that are now worth a bit of money! We also got original streamlined lighting fixtures that were beautiful, and more. What a shame that it’s gone!!!

  44. Oops, I made a mistake, the Grant building in Buffalo was at Main and Huron Sts. It was larger, but similar to the Eckhardt building that still stand on Broadway in Buffalo!

  45. I used to go to Grants in Jamaica,New York when I was a litte girl.My mother and I used to go and get the most delicious Hot Dogs.They used to butter the rolls. I used to get candy from there. I love that store.

  46. I worked at W.T. Grants in the Regional office in Dedham in the early 70s for 3 years. I worked for the Advertising Manager — I was 18 or 19 years old and he was 24 years old and I thought he was so old! He was great to work for. I remember that Leonard Nimoy’s mom had worked in either the Hyde Park or Mattapan Store. I remember the ladies I worked with all did knitting and hairpin lace on their lunch breaks and coffee breaks. Before you knew it I was making hairpin lace afghans. They were also pretty busy on breaks with bargello. I was there when we found out that the company went bankrupt. We found out when one of the local TV stations called us wanting to interview the
    Regional manager about this – instead of hearing from the NY office – we were shocked because we thought we were working our way out of bankruptcy. We had plans to move the office to Salem, NH and I was getting a promotion. But things just didn’t happen that way. I was called to my bank because my payroll check had bounced. Luckily, I had enough money in the bank to cover it. I remember the managers in the office working until 2 in the morning trying to decide which people should be demoted, or let go in the New England Region Stores and It was tough for many of the New England Office -some had been working for W.T. Grants since they were 14 and now they were in their 60s. All of the stocks they had became worthless. I remember Fortune Magazine did an article on W. T. Grant’s. Some of the men in our office were interviewed when they were at the Grant’s building in NY. Fortune Magazine then called it Grant’s tomb. Those final days were tough. And having to fire many worthy and hardworking employees was quite stressful for them. It was tough on the older secretaries who had worked with the Grants family for over 50 years. It was a historic time to work there and there were many interesting people to work with.

  47. I worked at WT Grants in Stratford, NJ from 1973 to 1976. When they went out of business I went back and tried to buy our old Santa suit, but it had already disapeared. I started as a janitor and worked my way up to sales and department manager. I remember the 10% employee discount and that we were paid in cash!

  48. I remember being at the grand opening of Grants at the Middletown Mall in Fairmont WV. It was one of the original anchors for the mall. Sears was the other. I was 12 and when my mom would work afternoon shift my dad would always take me to the Bradford House for dinner. They had all you can eat specials every night. Fish Friday, Spaghetti Saturday, Liver and onions Weds, fried chicken on Thursday and I can’t remember the others. I think it was 2.98 for a meal. Grants was a kids dream store. the Pet Dept. was huge and being a country boy, they had one of the biggest gun departments in town. My first couple of guns came from there. The Christmas Dept was as big as anyone has today and I still have a couple of Christmas albums from there. It was so much easier to be impressed back then. Everyone has been there done that now. Nothing to be amazed at anymore!

  49. The WT Grants at 59th and Camelback Ave. in Phoenix, Arizona had the bsst hot dog buns. They were actually squared and they toasted them on the grill. They were awesome. I havn’t found them anywhere since. For a kid, they were heaven.

    1. i remember those buns yes they where good , my mom was a manager of the little restaurant at grants

  50. I started working in the Gouverneur, NY store as a part time stock clerk for 53 cents per hour. Later I returned to be Credit Manager in the same store. Manager was Ralph Skillings. I was then transferred to open stores in East Greenbush, NY and Hudson, NY. then worked as Credit Manager in Westgate Shopping Center in Albany, NY and downtown Troy, NY. Great learning experience.

    1. I worked at the Grant’s in Troy Plaza on Hoosick Street,in Troy, NY., my last two 1/2 years in high school from about ’67-’70. Does anyone remember Bill Dowling, the manager of the Bradford House Restaurant at the Troy Plaza Store? It was such a great place to work, lot’s of good memories.

      1. I remember Mr. Kenny in the Latham store. I was in the large downtown store in Troy. I wonder what has happened to the store now???

      2. I remember Mr. Kenny he was our manager for a short while, what a nice man. I was in Troy the other day the Troy Plaza store is now a Big Lot’s.

    2. Jim: I remember you worked for Grant’s, but I don’t recall you being at Westgate. I do remember that the built a collection center in the basement of the store. Is that where you were??

      1. Bill not sure if I got the right guy but did you work in the Grant stores in York Pa. I remember we had an interior decorator who worked with us I think he shared your name. I believe he moved or lived in Servena Park Md. Would love to hear from you.

        1. Sterling, I remember you. I think you were the operations or merchandise manager in York when it closed and Carl Woods was the manager. I was the manager of store 901 in Lancaster. Mike kmosales@aol.com

    3. Jim,

      When were you at the store in Westgate Shopping Center? I worked there when Gerry Lalonde was the store manager.


    4. My father-a WTG manager-had a friend who was manager at the Gouverneur store. We visited him when my brother started at St. Lawrence in the early 60’s. I do not remember his name, but he remembered rocking me in a rocker when I was a baby.

  51. I worked at W.T.Grants when I was still in High School in 1975. I worked at the Bradford House Restaurant in Grants in Bedford, Indiana. It was the second job I ever had. I remember my blue and white waitress uniform I had an apron with it too. I loved that uniform and all the people I worked with, we had a wonderful time together. I remember them talking about closing down and talking about Bankruptcy, but I didn’t even know what Bankruptcy meant at the time. I am 53 years old now.


  53. I remember…I started a WT Grants in 1967 in Vista, California as a bus boy in the Bradford House Restaurant. In 1969 I turned 18 and was allowed to begin the food service management training program. I was the youngest manager in the company. It was a great experience and I will never forget. I was transferred to Santa Maria, Ca. and was made the manager of the small luncheonette there.

    After about 2 years I was then transferred to Simi Valley, CA. to a larger store and did very well. I was still the youngest manager in the chain at 20. I was fired because I terminated a waitress that was the daughter of a Simi Valley city councilman. That was the end of my short career at WT Grants.

    1. Michael:

      Interesting story about the Santa Maria WT Grant store. I grew up there and used to visit the store with my family. Once, this must have been about 1974, we were having lunch at the Bradford House. The waitress was wearing a button that read something like “your meal free if we don’t say ‘thank you’.” Well, she didn’t, and smart-aleck little 10-year-old me said “we get our lunch free!” Mom was mortified, told me to be quiet and that was the end of that!

  54. I remember W.T. Grant/Grants very well. There were several of these in Jacksonville, Florida, where I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. It was one of the places that my Mom took us to shop for Christmas presents for our siblings. It was also the place she sent me in to buy something while she ran next door to Winn-Dixie. I was getting her item off the shelf on one side and I heard something on the other side fall. The next thing I knew, the manager came around the corner yelling and screaming at me for knocking something down on the other side and running around the corner to act like I didn’t do it (which I didn’t). When my Mom came looking for me she told them what she had sent me in for and that something was on the aisle the manager found me at. It all ended quietly, but I never liked going into that particular Grants anymore.

  55. I worked for Grants in Pittsburgh..Crafton Ingram, Latrobe, Leetsdale, Canonsburg and New Kensington and Downtown. I recall that Wood St. store had what seemed like a mile long lunch counter that wrapped around the windows and walls..best hot dog in Pgh !!

  56. My mom worked at the Grants at the State Rd. Shopping Center in Cuyahoga Falls, OH back in the 60s. She bought me the cutest “cricket rocker” for my bedroom. I think it cost 12 dollars. I am getting ready to recover it – the chair is like new! Sure wish they made things that sturdy now! I have fond memories visiting her there when she was working.

    Here’s a good one! My sister and I went there to Christmas shop and bought my Grandpa a tie. We purchased a box for 10 cents for the tie and ended up getting charged only for the box. We didn’t realize it till much later. It was my Grandpa’s favorite tie and he was buried in the 10 cent tie!

  57. I’am looking for someone that worked at the Grant’s in San Jose, Ca. in 1971. I worked there right out of high school. Anyone else ?

  58. My mom worked at WT Grants in Cahokia, Il. She started as a sales girl and worked her way to HR manager. She worked there until the store closed in 1976
    I am attempting to locate her pension from her years at the store.
    Does anyone have any information on the pensions and who oversees them.
    It would be greatly appreciated.

    1. The Grant Company made a pay out (Check) for the younger group when the Company went out. I was in my mid 30’s and received my retirement in a lump sum.

      1. You need to go to Google The National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits–hope you get it! God Bless You!

  59. i worked for w.t.grant;s in new haven,ct.my buddy clem started working there after school part time and when he finshed high school worked full time.he wanted me to get ajob there because it was a great place to work.he was going with a girl who worked in the office.i went to work there part time as a collector for the time payment dept.that an the green stamps along with white good appl. were the start of the end of grants;s it had a good store mangr.who ran a good store.the corp.office made some very bad deals.the store had 3 enterences chaple st.center st.and orange st.it true the food was good,prices were good they moved a lot of goods.any one remeber the parrot polly?i went on to other jobs,clem went into the service.went back to work after and stayed till the end.

    1. What ever happened to Clem? When I worked there he was the guy who did the receiving of merchandise on the dock in the back of the store. I know he married that girl who worked in the office but they later got divorced.

  60. I worked at the W.T. Grants store in the Norton Ohio Shopping Center, starting when I was 16. The store was across the street from the High School. I worked there after school, Saturdays and summers until college.

    No one, but me, wanted to manage the Pet Department. I enjoyed the hamsters, birds, and fish. I also took orders for the Furniture Department.

    I liked working for the W.T. Grants Co. Unfortunately, the deductions from my paycheck for social security were never sent in, according to the Social Security Administration. The credit for those years of work would make a difference to me now. Can anyone remember 1963 through 1966? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  61. I worked for Grants Dept Store, in 1974-75, after school. I think located somewhere between Edison and Woodbridge NJ. I remember some employees’ names like…Evelyn G.,Mr. Griener, George Papas. LOL long time ago.

    1. it was in clarke n j , right off the parkway. i was a restaurant manager in willow grove pa, and checked out that store, as i was offered a promotion, but turned it down.

  62. Do I remember Grants! They had the best hotdogs ever! I remember shopping downtown Paterson, NJ for Christmas and stopping to get a hotdog with my sister. Those were the days! I couldn’t belive they closed down.

  63. W T Grants was my second job, I started at the Peekskill NY store while in high school at 45 cents per hour working in the stock room and helping out at the luncheonette. A second manager was my best man at my wedding, Norman Klingensmitt (guessing)when I left in 1967 my pay was a big $1.65 1/2 cents.

  64. I remember working at Grants in Newport, RI from 1970-1972. It was a great place to work. Most everyone was a “Navy Wife”. We developed good friendships that we still have to this day. I remember Mr. Kenny. All the mangagers were so young!! Of course, I was too then. Barbara Streisand came in one day to buy an iron!! My friend waited on her.


    1. Yes, those hotdogs were the best I’ve ever had! I wish I could make them. The hot fudge sundaes were the bomb too. Food was so much better when you ate out, in those days!

  66. What an intersting blog for those of us who worked for the W T Grant Co. I am amazed at how many comments on the hot dogs, the All YOu Can Eat specials and the Bradford House Restaurants. I worked for Grants from 65 until 73 first in the NY home office as Personel and Operating Manger for the Bradford House Restaurants and snack bars all over the country and later as New England Regional Food Service Manage. Those 8 years were wonderful. Grants had great managers and great executives. The bankruptcy in 75 was totally unnecessary. It broke my heart and everyone in the company whose retirement plan consisted of Grant stock which become worthless.

  67. I worked for Grants in Racine, WI. I was there the last day we closed the doors for ever which was December 5, 1975. We were all sad and just stood there looking at the empty store. I did everything from payroll to unloading a semi one day when the stock boy was not there. A funny story….one day when I came in to open the store the front door was open and I thought that is odd I locked the doors…when I went over to the safe which was located right under a merchandize table the safe was straight up and down just like a door when I went to unlock the safe the whole door of the safe just fell right on the floor. I stood there in shock only to realize we had been robbed. I still have a few items from Grants like the stainless cream pitcher from the resturant that my husband and I still use every day. That has been 35 years. I will always have my love of W T Grants as that is where I met my husband. He and his dad came in everyday for coffee and on our next wedding anniversay it will be 35 years going strong and still drinking coffee. I live right around the corner from the old Grants in Racine, WI the store is now a Dollar Store but when the light hits the building just right you can still see the name W T Grants written on the bricks.

  68. I worked for WTGrant’s for 23 years. I started as a stockboy while going to college in the Somerville,Mass store. I was fortunate enough to work my way up to Vice President but I was named VP in May1974 , I moved my family to Atlanta in July. Bankruptcy was declared in Sept and in Dec we closed over 300 stores from Florida to California.What a roller coaster ride.

    But other than this, the memories were all good. Grants was like a big family. Most people never left the company. We had mostly long term employees , so we knew each other really well. I am 77 now so many of my friends are no longer with us. But to those that are, I wish them a very happy holiday season.

    1. Carl.
      It was graet to find this blog and to read your entry. I still miss the company and all of my Grant family.

    2. Hi Carl
      I also worked at W.T. Grants in Davis Sq., Somerville, Ma. During the summer of 1964 or 1965 and again for a short term in 1966. Met so many people and even though I am from Canada and haven,t been in contact
      With those great folks since. I have the names of some of them and would love to connect. I am 67 now —went back to Davis Sq. years ago but Grants was no longer there:(:(

    3. Carl
      It was good to see your note. I published “Grant Memories” (a news letter) for over 20 years after Grants went out. It was a way to keep people advised about their old friends.

        1. We all miss you and your notes about WTG.Do you know who the Oper. Mger was in the Ypsilanti MI store was in 1974 or 1975. I was the store mger before I become DM in Chicago in about that time, and I would like to contact him. My email is rlsnyder@bspeedy.com. I know the MM mger was Tony

      1. Would you happen to have copies of those “grant memories”
        I worked for Grants from 1970 to 1975 in Mcallen Texas. They were the best years.Started in the candy department and worked my way up to a department manager.
        I can still smell the popcorn and candy section.
        We also had the soda fountain where I made some of my best friends.

      2. Hi Carl. Would you have a list of employees from the San Jose Ca store by any chance? Or how i could get one from 1971-1972?

    4. Carl;
      great to hear your blog. Those were the days. I remember you had a car stolen I believe out of the Boston airport. I miss all the great people, be well.
      Wes Tredo

    5. Carl this is Larry Donohue i do rememrer you my districk office was in Canton Oh.hope you are well so many gone now . most reporting on Grants fall are not complet.

  69. I worked at Grants when I was 16 until I was 18. It was the best job I ever had. This was in the 50’s and I made friends that I still have all these years.

    1. John Ryan started Grants on Niagara Falls Blvd.Tonawanda Ny 1970 Jack Kivate was mng.He went on to run a chang Grants owned in Fld.

  70. I have something that I believe is very unique. While looking in the attic I found 2 pairs of W.T. Grant’s Size 7 Women’s Waterproof Fashion Boots in their original boxes. What’s amazing about these are that they have NEVER been used. One pair is black and the other is dark brown. They both have perfect high heels.

  71. I worked in the Oak Lawn, Il. store. Started when I was 16 and stayed till they closed 5 years later. I worked with a lot of great people.

  72. I remember the Grant’s in East Patchogue, NY (on the south shore of Long Island). We used to go there for much of our stuff. For some weird reason, I recall the acronym DIFIWFTA (dessert is free if we fail to ask) on pins on the waitress uniforms in the Bradford House restaurant. And I loved their iced tea, which on LI at the time was only available in the spring and summer.

  73. Wow, this is great. Here I am sitting and going through some old stuff I have and I came across a shoe horn/brush set that my brother and his wife bought me for Christmas around 1968 or 1969, not sure which year. I know they bought it at W T Grants store on main street in downtown Johnstown, Pa. because that was on the box the set came in. Boy, I wish I had kept that box. I do remember the good times at the store. My brothers and sisters would spend hours in there, more around Christmas time. Loved the smell of peanuts and hot dogs. The store had everything you could think of. I miss the good days of shopping downtown at Grants and all the other stores too.

  74. I don’t remember Grant’s but my father in law was the manager of the Newark, OH store for several years. After it closed he opened a small market close to home. That has been in business for 34 years. My husband now runs the store. We have W.T. Grant grocery carts.

  75. My dad was assistant manager at the WTGrant Co in Newark, Ohio, then Manager of the Grant’s store in Health Ohio in the 60’s-70’s until they closed. I started there when I was 15 working for 85cents/hr when I was in high school I can remember them selling birds and spider monkeys. Once someone opened the cage doors and they all got out and we had to catch them all. The lunchenette was wonderful. good ole fashioned milkshakes and the grilled hotdogs. We had a “toyland” on the 2nd floor every year at Christmas time. You could go up there and watch the annual lighting of the Courthouse from the windows which was the begining of the Christmas season. I used to go to work with my dad on some Saturdays and follow him around. They had one of them old “open” elevators which was like a big crate..It was fun to ride. Everyone that worked there was like one big family. It’s just not them same anymore. It was a very sad day when they closed the doors for the last time. I still look for and find items with “Grants” on them at flea markets. When I was working there in high school seems like I always had a “layaway”..bought my 45’s and albums there. Still have some of my albums. My dad(he’s82) still visits with some of his coworkers. We had a “candy lady” Mary- she kept the candy sections spic and span..you didn’t leave fingerprints on the glass counters!!! she was always wiping them off..had some of the best chocolates there!!!

  76. It was nice to read comments from Jim Randall and Carl Bellini. I worked in the Credit area in both the Albany, NY district and the NE district out of Middleboro, MA. Lots of names passed by when I read of their comments.

  77. My Dad was the personnel manager in the downtown syracuse new york store. I ended up working in Horseheds ny — for Dick Butler then in Binghamton ny for Mr. Lynch and then in Oswego ny for Larry Canele and all those stores had Bradford House Rest. They buns that they use are noe called new england stye in the area I live in now.

    1. Hi Hal–I worked at Grants downtown Syracuse part-time from 1959-1961 while going to high school and college. Your father was personnel manager at that time. I’m guessing he has passed away? Anyhow, a woman I worked for, Maybelle Wright, passed away this week and I wondered if you or a family member remembered her, or anyone else who may remember her. Thanks

  78. I remember the store in downtown Johnstown,Pa. I remember the little turtles, had several as a kid. I also recall several appliances bought there later. Theese appliances all carried the ” Bradford ” name. My sister and I were trying to remember the name of a small Hardware store on Vine or Market Street, when I stumbled on tour page. Thanks for the memories.

    1. Karen, I don’t remember the hardware store and I should. I worked at Penn Traffic for two years and ate at Tick Tock restaurant almost everyday. You just mentioning Vine and Market streets brought back memories

  79. Does anyone remember a W.T. Grant’s store in Corpus Christi, TX during the 1950’s. I believe it moved twice. Trying to locate where the last location, what stores it was close to, did they have credit during 1955 and what did they sell?

  80. Worked briefly pt at the Clark, NJ Grants in the early 1970s during high school. Worked in the furniture dept. making some home deliveries and then in the stationary dept. Talk about boring. Walking around for four hours trying to look busy straightening things ad nauseum. Yikes. I also worked one summer as a dishwasher in the Bradford Room on the dinner/late shift. After we finished up for the night, we helped ourselves to soda and ice cream. The BR was right next to the record dept. and one night the manager filled a shopping cart full of records and took them out to his car. I think he was eventually caught, but to see him take out a shitload of records. Unbelievable. Grants wasn’t too bad, though at the time I was too young to know what a crummy place it could be.

  81. nice post .

    thanks .

    pretty good fast food as i remember at bradford house and i’m not one to kid about fast food .

  82. WOW!! ~ I am so glad to read everyone’s comments! It took me forEVER to find out where my Bradford Console was manufactured & sold. I had searched under ‘Bradford’ with no luck. My mom bought mine from a senior citizen who had to give up her apt. in the early 80’s. I’m selling it if anyone’s interested; the proceeds will benefit a ‘special needs mom’. Can email some pics. Reach me at vhmdavis@aol.com (San Jose, CA) ~ Thanks!

  83. Wow is right- it’s weird how thoughts about something or someone enters your head, you google it, and get here. The stories reminded me of all the things i had forgotten. I grew up in Norwalk California, don’t remember if the Grants was there or close by,, but my brothers and sister would go with my Mom and Dad. We would eat once in awhile at the restaurant which was always a rare and special treat. I remember the Hot Dogs, I remember the smells, the Toyland at Christmastime. I have lost my older brother now, my Dad is gone too. But the emails about Grants just triggered a flood of memories and special times I will never get back again. But will cherish in my heart, right next to the old hardware store my Dad used to take me to, Everytime I go into ANY home improvement store, I stay there for hours, looking at lamps, smelling lumber, just thinking of him. If we could just go back for 5min. But thanks to all of you.

  84. I have the fondest memories of W. T. Grants on Market Street in Philadelphia, PA. I absolutely loved their hotdogs. I have eaten many hotdogs, but none have tasted as good as those bought from Grant’s. I wish I knew who the manufacturer was/is.

    1. Hey Dei Dei
      I was merchandise manager in that store on market st from 1962 _1964 those hot dogs were made for grants by Armour Star . To grants specifications.

  85. My father, Francis LePage, started as a manager trainee in 1958 in St. Petersburg. For the next 14 years he advanced through the ranks to store manager. Dad worked in St. Pete, Clearwater (1960), Tampa (1961), Bartow (1965), Panama City FL (1968), Concord NC (1969), Covington GA (1970) and Sandy Springs GA (1971). Working for Grants was like being in the military. You advanced via hard work and a wiilingness to transfer. All our clothes, furniture and housewares were from Grants. I remember popping popcorn in Covington for thirty cents an hour (Dad paid me out of his pocket) when I was 11 years old. It really was like a family. We went fishing with the sporting goods manager in Covington and had company beach parties while at the Florida stores. If anyone out there knew Dad, or has some memories to share, email me at ktlepage@yahoo.com)

  86. My father was a store manager for WT Grants for a good part of his life. I believe he started in Philadelphia, got transferred to a store inToms River, NJ for two years, then for three years to Mount Holly,NJ. then finally to Somers Point, NJ. I started working at the Somers Point store when I was sixteen in the Womens Department. Our family wore clothes from Grants and most of all the best memory was every year around Christmas we got a 5 pound box of Whitman Chocolates from W.t. Grant. With 7 children that was special. I remember those little green turtles too.

    1. I remember the box of Whitman chocolates my dad received every Christmas from 1962 to 1973 they never sent one Christmas 1974 because of the start of the bankruptcy. It was delicious

  87. So thats where our turtles came from. We thought Santa brought them. My mom Melba worked at one of the 2 stores in Muskegon , Mi. She worked at the store on Henry St.. My dad would take me and my brother to pick her up earily from work so we could look at the toys. I remember when they closed I was sad. Now it is a big lots. Some times when I drive by I get misty from all the memories.

  88. Hal Stalker-I remember you from #1276 in Auburn, NY. You were there as an asst. to open the store.

  89. The good old days, Hot dogs, coffee, All you can eat. No one does it like Grants did. I managed Medina, N.Y. Shop city, Syracuse, Oswego, N.Y. Penn Hills,Pa. Washington, Pa. Johnstown .Pa. Penn Yen, N.Y. There have never been friends like we made at W.T. Grant

    1. Hello Larry, I still remember training in Shop City when you were manager, Dick Stapleton was asst mgr. and Dick Barrows was there as well. 47 years ago!!! We pushed a lot of candy out back then. Hope you are well.

      1. hey paul what are you doing now? Im pushing 81 and still working part time. for Castle. i certainly remember you and hal stalker. great time back in those old W.T. days.

    2. Hey Larry
      How are things we have some great memories with the grant family of friends. Don’t we? Like to hear from you

    3. Larry I was a management trainee in your store in Johnstown Oct 71 to Oct 72 then moved to Camp Hill as an asst then Enola then my own store in Lancaster. Mike my emial kmosales@aol.com

  90. I am looking for the popcron popper that was used at Grands department store. It was am Ari popper in which the popcorn fell in the a vat of butter for before falling into the holding tank.

  91. I remember Grants from the 50’s. I used to frequent the store in Stamford Ct. on my way home from grammar school. Yes, I bought a turtle and a special turtle bowl.

  92. I worked at#424-Inglewood,Ca. from1970-74.then got transferred to #617-Venice,Ca. when Inglewood closed. That was my favorite job, working up from stock boy to Appliance Mgr. to Asst.Mgr. I worked for several different mgrs, Gordon Mudrow, Tom Miller, T Frank Seuss, and Charles Davis. Ken Munson was the Dist. Mgr. Please e-mail me if you remember anyone or have any good stories to share ! scojoe66@yahoo.com


    2. Hi Joe
      I also worked for Grants,I ran the Santa Fe Springs store and Ken Munson was the dm.
      I ran stores in district 52, Larry Tratini was the dm. He was a real hard ass but fair.
      I loved that company.
      I still have all the mgmt training books, mgmt forms, menus, and act training brochure.
      Call me and we can talk Grants.
      Bill Layton
      San Diego

  93. After starting out in the home office I worked at Shop City Syracuse NY store with Larry Canale,Auburn NY, Liverpool NY,Northern Lights North Syracuse NY,Euclid Ohio,Brooklyn and Berea Ohio. Next up Norwich NY, Pittsburgh Pa. and Meadville Pa. Many friends along the way, especially a gentleman of a Mgr Sven Tunander in Auburn NY. All I have left is a silver
    tea pot from the Bradford house and a lot of memories.

    1. I remember the great food at he northern lights store and a train at Christmas in the parking lot you could ride . Sadly my first high school job was bill collections with all my Liverpool high classmates at the grants in Liverpool. It wAs going under and they were trying o collect from their credit card customers.

      1. I went to Liverpool High School, graduated in 1970 (yikes) and worked at Route 57 store when they closed in 1976. One of the most fun jobs I ever had.

        1. My mom went to Liverpool High and worked there at the same time. My father, who I am looking for, was the restaurant manager at that time.
          If anyone worked at the Liverpool store at this time and may be able to help me, please email me at shawnmichaelhamilton@gmail.com

  94. I remember the downtown Newark, Ohio store. Especially the lunch counter. The food was great. They had a special where you popped a baloon and got a sundae for anywhere from 7cents to 78 cents. I remember the stairway down to the basement where the pet department was and the stairway up to the second floor where at christmas time my first train set was purchased, actually my dad bought me two that one year. Sadly the building burned down a few years back and now an empty lot. The Heath, Ohio store building is still there but now a mixture of stores forming the Southgate Shopping Center.

    1. Scott, I was the last manager in the Newark, Ohio store. I was stunned when they called me on the phone and said, don’t open up in the morning. We are bankrupt and going to liquidate. Very sad day. Art Schad

  95. i worked at grants in the 70’s and also late 60’s love that place what ever happened to some of the people any one know im from latrobe pa

  96. i remember my boss at the rt.30 store in Latrobe telling me cashier in the retaraunt to help out. they got busy all of a sudden. i got things going and when i went back to my register the girls said did you get their autographs i sai d why? they said you just waited on all the steelers. i never looked up from the register. i could have had many fromthe 70’s. they were up st.vincents at practice… what a dumby i was… just a memory pat

  97. Pat,
    I worked in Latrobe in the early 70’s, Tom Shannon was the store manager at the time..where you there at the same time?

  98. i dont remember a shannon mr.weis was my boss on rt.30 and on lincoln road shopping center Mr hertz was my boss.1963 at lincoln road and 1970 and 71 on rt.3o we must have missed each other ..nice to hear from you . always wonder what happen to all i worked with . a lot o older ones have passed away ty check in later pat spino

  99. my father was a Grants store manager for many years, beginning in Elyria, OH, then going to downtown Pittsburgh, then Youngstown, then on to Hamilton, OH, where he married my mother who was a candy girl. About 12 moves later all across the mid-west, he left the company as manager of the downtown Peoria store after getting into an argument with his region managers over his not pushing credit apps enough. He got out before everything totally collapsed, but he did lose a lot of money. Everything we had then came from Grants. One of my fondest memories was the restaurants where my dad would let me order the fried clam dinner.

    1. My dad was the store manager of the Youngstown store in Boardman Plaza I think that was the first shopping center in the United States. Eddie Debartola was the developer. He had great success with shopping centers and made enough money to by the San Francisco 49rs. From their my dad got transferred to the downtown Minniapolis store. I was in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade then.
      Bill Trainor ( same as my dad)

  100. Started out as management trainee for Grants in Panama City,Fl.Sent next to Picayune,Miss.as asst.mgr.,then to Bay Minnette,Ala.Promoted to manager Mobile,Ala.then to merchandise mgr. New Orleans,La.which is where I was when the company folded.Very sorry to see that happen, as that was probably the best six years of my life and certainly of my retail career which lasted another sixteen years. Great company,Great employees,Ect. Still have the metal sign from over the door of the Mobile store that I was ask to close in 1975!

  101. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a Mr. Gargia who ran the Grants Store in Atlanta? I’m not sure if he was a manager or what his position was.

  102. Don Belleville and Carl Bellini.How strange, my first store managers position was in Middleoro across from the police station. Guess what store I was promoted from, that’s right, Rockland, ma. where I was an assistant for Carl Bellini. Carl was pobably the sharpest manager I trained under. He will remember me as he came looking for me one day to tell me the hospital called to tell me I was a father and what the hell was I doing at work. I ended up closing the Milford,Ct. store. Nothing but great memories til the unfortunate end.

  103. I worked for Grants from 1968 to 1973, in Nanuet, Monroe, Yorktown Hts and the Vailsgate, NY stores. Would like to hear from anyone from those stores.
    I still remember the party they gave me at the Vailsgate,Ny store when I left to pursue a career in Law Enforcement.

    1. Hi, I was operations manager in Yorktown Heights and Vails Gate NY.
      Would be nice to see if we know each other. This is a long shot.

    2. Another District 10 (?) alumni! Started as credit trainee in 1968 at Port Chester then to Vail Gate. First store as Credit Mgr was Middletown, then Nanuet, next Poughkeepsie and finally Toms River NJ. In 1971. Left in 1975. Could have gone to the collection center in Woodbury NJ but decided it was best to move on.

      Tom – I was at the Monroe opening. Terry Simmons was the Credit Mgr, Tom Miller the Store Mgr. Also recall Steve Gaskins (?) there as Asst Mgr, met him at Vails Gate.

      Vails Gate – Joe Roberti (worked with Joe Jr at Pok) & Mike Joyce!

      1. Wes S. Do you remember the Manager of Poughkeepsie store? I worked in credit from 69-71. My dad was Clyde Parker, Beacon store manager.

        1. Judy – I am guessing you were at South Road not Dutchess Turnpike. Archie Plescia was the Mgr at 1194 – Dutchess Turnpike. Was only in the South Rd store once (i think # 768) and may have heard their name but zero recollection.

    3. Correction-
      to Bob (not Tom)
      John Miller was the store mgr
      Steve may have been at Middletown not VG

  104. Worked at store #50 down town Buffalo N.Y. from 1966 to 1972 across from the gold dome bank. Best time I ever had lots of nice looking high school & collage part time girls working there. Worked all over the store best dept. I ran was the record dept. Ah the Bradford House all the chicken you can eat on Tue. all the fish you could eat on Fri. If any one remembers or worked there let me know adwhitten44@yahoo.com

  105. I never worked for Grants but with my father and husband both store managers and Don a DM it was all I knew. I was lucky enough to get through school in Phila. but with all the moving we did ,it was hard on my four children. Of course we grew up on Grants clothes (especially loved the children pj’s). It was a great company to work for almost like family. Most of the men and women have passed that I knew, really sad. I met Mr. Grant at a convention. He was so nice and said he passed my Dad’s Grants store on his way into NY City by train. Dad had the Port Chester, NY store. Don was a DM in the Delmarva area all the way down to Blue Field on Piedmont. Still have a few Grant things old stocks, pictures, bike and a lite bulb and a son whose middle name is Grant plus lots of good memories.

      1. My dad Bill Hayes was the store manager was 1971 to 1975 at Parkside plaza Roanoke , Va. He is now 84 and lives in NJ. I remenber him mentioning his DM Mr. Hoffman.

    1. don hoffman was our district manager. I was manager in Beckly wva and in Roanoke va. Im 70 yrs old now. I remember Don quite well. Is Don still around? I hope so . He was a tough but excellent dm.. Best wishes.

      1. don was my dm when I opened the grant city store in Radford, va. Great dm, tough but fair.

  106. Wow..Lots of good memories recorded here, and it looks like I am
    not the only nostalgia freak…saw Louisville, Ky. mentioned. I was a stockboy between college years at a new store just opening
    on Bardstown Rd. at the Watterson Expressway. I did all sorts of
    packing and stocking, including cutting glass to make those little squares that used to hold small items on top of the counters of all the dime stores. This about 1970 and I remember the lady manager, unusual to me at the time, who was
    desperately trying to make the store a success. I went back to school, and was surprised that the store was closed a few years later. Always wondered where Grant’s went. It being in the suburbs was unusual, but my mother worked at a Woolworth’s
    for a while that was also on Bardstown Rd, but at the junction with Watterson TRAIL, almost to Fern Creek. As a kid who walked Fourth St. in Louisville through all the dime store toy depts.,
    I miss those days and that marketing, and those products. We
    had a Woolworth’s near here in Ohio that I about ? years ago
    hated to see closed as they had socks I liked. Last Woolworth’s
    I think I was in was in Superior or Globe, Arizona, looking for
    those socks, about 1990. (they didn’t have them). Last Western
    Auto I remember was in New Oxford, Pa. I shopped at all these
    stores into the 1960’s, then came malls and K-Mart, and, poof, they were gone…

    1. That store was the first store I managed. I was in asst. mger school in Indy and DM Art Brill said I did not need this school go today to be the manager. I do not rember the year should be in the late 50’s

  107. i remember grants dept store with the wooden floors and the large stairway to the basement in altoona,pa i bought a lot of christmas albums there i am looking of one that i think i bought there with captain kangaroo telling the story of the littlest snowman of all and how he saved the town christmas tree and one with red skeleton as a tree ans santa explains to him why he is there does any one remember that album i loved the old stores nothing like that anymore

  108. I was in the excelerated mgmt training program and managed stores in southern California, bellflower, santefe springs, riverside, Colton.
    I loved the company. I knew Jim Manley from the popcorn company and he said that harts mountain, threw the company into bk.
    I would love to talk to anyone who worked with me in those stores.
    Thanks, bill Layton, blayton999@aol.com

  109. Just read Paul Bavarro comments in December. Brought to mind lots of New England Region employees . Gerry Lalonde, Virgil Grignon, Vic Manych, Jim Randall, Ernie Cordeiro, George Layman, Bob King and the memories go on.

    1. I seem to recall a Jimmy Diggs as Store Manager in Grants , Somerville,Ma., in 1965 or 1966 era. Another name of a gal I worked with was Christine Viccario, anyone know of them??

    2. When I attended SUNY Albany (NY) in the early 60’s, I worked at the Grants store on Central Ave. where Gerry Lalonde was the manager. One of the nicest people I ever worked for. As a matter of fact, everyone there was nice!! Really miss those times. If I remember, it was the Grant City shopping centers that caused the failure.

      1. Westgate was great with Jerry LaLonde. Remember Mrs. Seavey? And the appliance/furniture salesman in the lower level?

  110. Worked at the one in plant city fl i was 15 worked all summer and my dad had to pick me up around 11pm when restaurant closed miss grant’s jm fields and zayre all great stores in florida a millon years ago maryanne

  111. I worked at W.T.Grants in Barberton,Ohio Magic City Plaza. I was cosmetic Department Manger there. Mr Synder was store manger. Mr. Synder was by far my very Boss. I was 18 when he hired me. ( Back then W T Grant only hired middle age ladies) Cosmetic deptment was right behind the candy counter, its a wander I didn’t weigh 200 pounds, I ate alot of candy & hot peanuts. I loved working with all the middle age ladies., having lunch with them they taught me how to cook, clean. Judy Flecher also worked there.
    Does anyone remember the Hand Made Easter Baskets? Thanks for the Memoies everyone!

  112. I worked at W. T. Grant on Broadway in Gary, IN (Stationery Dept. Mgr. 1961-62) I loved the store, my co-workers and my job. It was my first experience in retail and very beneficial for later employment. It’s really sad that this company no longer exists. I moved to KY and lost track of all the people I worked with there, but would sure love to hear from anyone who was an employee during this time period.

  113. My sister, mom and I frequented the Grants store in West Garden Grove, CA ( Eastgate plaza ) during the 60s. We bought shoes, cheap perfume ( in dark blue bottles ) and candy out of the cases that had glass all around and the clerk would use a scoop to place candy in the little bags. Also, popcorn was always freshly popped and you couldn’t resist. Damn good! All within walking distance of our home.

  114. Does anyone remember the Diskay stores? It was a division of WT Grant that sold cheaper items that the Grant stores couldn’t sell.

    I started working for Diskay in Jersey City, NJ in 1968 as the head (only) stock clerk. Saw a girl that was the boys dept manager on my first day and knew that day she was the one. We married 5 years later and she was my best friend for forty years until her death in 10/2007.

    I came by this site while searching for some old pictures.

    1. nice story i came by this site by accident and was glad i did. check in at least once a week to see if any of my old grant workers write in. no luck so far pat from latrobe pa

    2. I do recall Diskay there were only a few of them. They were competition to the Kresge discount version I cant recall when Kresge called their version Mike my email kmosales@aol.com

  115. W.T. Grants opened in Myrtle Beach SC on the South end, when I was in High School. We would go with friends and eat their “ALL You Can Eat” Clams on Fridays.

  116. I’m 70 Years old and I worked for Grants in The Parkfair shoppng center, in Des Moines, Iowa, 53 years ago!! I had a wonderful manager, and worked with some nice people. I remember fun times in the break room. I worked downstairs in the lamps and rugs.Sometimes I would have to help a customer in hardware and material, as those departments were close by. Each dept. had a cash register to run, too. It was an exteamly busy store, I recall the crowds at Christmas time. Fun memories.

  117. Hal I remember you from Oswego. I also knew your father when I worked on Salina St. Paul I remember you from Berea and Brooklyn, Ohio. Larry—–I worked for you at Oswego—-from the snowstorm of “66” (102″ in three days) til 1969. I happened on this site because I was looking for the Grant’s hot dog recipe. Good Luck and good health to all and to your families.

    1. Ed , Old Oswego was great. Merl Gro, John T. All the beer drinking softball games. 80 years old now and still working part time, Live in LeRoy, Ny now Hal I never forgot all you guys.

      1. I remember Mel also along with Margo Baker and Herb Tragesr
        Give me a heads up on who i’m repling to

  118. My husband Sanford Gray was working for WT. Grant from 1966 to1974 started in Anderson S.C.. Went to several stores as assistant manager and managed the store in High Point N.C. We meet so many wonderful people. One of them was Brad Dodway and his family. Also John Clark and his family. so many good times everyone was like family we all looked out for each other..What a shame the company went under.

  119. Oh the memories. Started as a stock boy in 1971 at store 1029 in Copiague, NY. Who could ever forget Mr. Miller, Eddie the stock man and Edna Mae? Worked up to be the local assistant and when I turned 21 I entered into the training program for store management at the Riverhead store. After nearly a year in training the company filed for chapter 11. I was then assigned to the Lake Ronkonkoma store until it closed in January 1976 then transferred to the store on the North Babylon/Deer Park border. After a short while there it was announced the company would be liquidated. Still pains me until this day to see ‘Going Out of Business’ signs in store windows knowing what the employees are facing in the future. Whenever I’m in NYC with either of my kids I always point out the MTV building to them telling them how I worked for the company the building was originally built for.

  120. Hi everyone, I was with W.T.Grant from Oct 1960 until Oct 1965. I started work in the Wichita,Ks. store as a stock man, then transferred to Oxnard,Ca. as the receiving manager. Then to Renton, Wa. as the receiving manager , where I also went onto the management training program. Offically I was a divisional merchandiser but after Renton I fullfilled assistant manager duties. Next I transferred to Spokane,Wa. and then finally to Eugene,Or. If anyone was in any of those stores let know. Interestingly, I still have a Bradford record player and radio.

  121. Jan Harris … does anyone remember her? She worked at Grants, I don’t know which one, but she lived in Ridley Park, PA, and she said she worked in credit. She died in a car accident in 1975. Thx!

  122. yes i remember my aunt used to take me there for lunch all the time and at woolworths i believe in the back entrance used to be the ice cream counter mint chocolate chip was allways my favorite.

  123. I think that what made Grants hot dogs so good was the bun. They used New England style buns and buttered them with a butter wheel or a brush and then toasted them on the grill. The dogs were heated on the rollers and served with a yellow mustard like Frenchs. You can see a photo at “the West Virginia hot dog blog.

    1. Those hot dogs were the greatest. I would love to find one just like them again. You are right the bun was covered with buter and toasted. Yum Yum, my mom always took us three little girls and got us a hot dog and she got a piece of pie. Great memories of W.T. Grants!!!

  124. I went to work for WT Grants in 1967 in the toy shop for Christmas at Forest Park Ga and worked for them till 1975. I worked for Joe Howard at Forest Park and worked at Peachtree Street store during College. I went into the management training program in 1970 and was back at Forest Park and went back downtown as a co manager. The old four story building was known for its basement restaurant off Mitchell Street. Our back door went into Underground Atlanta. Then I went out to South Cobb Drive when they open a new store and ran a sporting goods and camera dept. I left Grants to go with Kmart in Jan of 1975 but my wife Sue worked at the appliance service center on White St. We could not get her checks cashed the last two weeks and we went to a store and the store manager cashed it for me. I was actually involved in a call made to a VP with Kmart when Grants tried to sell some locations to Kmart before the bankruptcy. I will never forget his answer when he said” let them fold and we will take their locations” which is exactly what Kmart did. My Grant days taught me discipline and a great work ethic. I only wish Mr Mayer and his mgrt team had stuck to that ethic.

  125. Hi,
    My name is James. I was about 14 when the stores closed. My great uncle Arie used to take me to our store in Jacksonville,Florida on the north side of town. He used to buy me breakfast there on the week ends and he flirted with the waitresses!
    My grandmother Jewell (Arie’s sister) had WT Grants hangers in her closets until her passing in 1988!
    I miss the times that I spent with my great uncle Arie and grandmother Jewell at WT Grants. I also miss the old A&W Root Beer places at Jacksonville Beach,Florida.

  126. I worked at the WT Grant store ( #1030) in Cape May Court House, NJ while I was in high school from 1961-1962. Great people and I really learned a lot about being responsible for my work commitments. Is there a WT Grant “Alumni Club”?

    1. I was wondering if there would be anyone from the Cape May Court House Store on here. I remember the pet section, it was always my first stop as a child.
      And always a hot dog, they were so good.
      I believe a Murphy’s may have replaced it.
      It’s now a T.J. Maxx.

  127. My dad worked at Grants in the early 70’s in Renton WA (renton highlands, now The Dollar Tree), Tacoma WA (was a movie theater) and Victorville CA. I remember getting Barbie dolls (2nd grade) and my little sister Tracy (2 yrs old) got Dawn dolls for Christmas. The toy section was great. I always thought we were so priviledged to eat at the little restaurant in the store because our dad worked there. Funny what little kids think. Happier times.

  128. We had the most wonderful W.T. Grants in Kansas City North which was a suburb of Kansas City MO and also one right downtown in Kansas City. I remember the day they had thier close out sale, it was a sad sad day. I really loved that department store and they had the best hot dogs in the world at thier snack bar, I would love to find a hot dog prepared just like that again. Anyone remember those wonderful hot dogs?

  129. I worked for Grants in the 50’s in Herkimer, NY. I worked vacations from college and summers. Mr. Hollar was the nice manager who encouraged me to go to college.

    1. I also worked at W.T. Grants. The year was 1966. I remember Mr. Hollar and then I had a Mr. Richards or Richardson as my boss.

  130. I was reading a magazine article about a study funded by William T. Grant. Reading the article prompted me to google WT Grant to see what happened to this venerable chain of department stores. Stumbled upon this website…

    I grew up in Woodlawn, Maryland. Not far from my home was a WT Grant, located in a strip center near the Social Security Administration headquarters and across the street from Woodlawn High School. As an adolescent I would go the the Grants store and hang out. The clerks would play the latest LP albums when asked. I special ordered my first slot card at Grants from Nina, the toy dept. clerk.

    In 1966 (I was 15) we got a new neighbor who also happened to be the new Grants store manager. His name was William “Bill” Harding. When I turned 16 he hired me as a stockboy for his store. He had an assistant manager by the name of Mr. Allen. A hard working southern boy who I believe drove a GTO.

    I was eventually promoted to manage the hardware dept. There was even talk of me joining the company in their store manager training program.

    When the downtown store closed a lot of folks transferred to the Woodlawn store. I remember the credit manager. A cranky old man who talked me into trying to go into the city one day to try and collect on delinquent accounts. Imagine me, a blond headed blue eyed white boy going into the poorest neighborhoods of Baltimore, going into 3 and 4 story tenaments trying to collect on some unpaid bill. This lasted all of one day.

    During the riots after ML King was assasinated we had some shoplifters come into the store. They tried to sneak out of the store with a TV set under the dress of one of the women. Mr Allen and myself took out after them and caught up to them near the SS Admin. After a fight, in which one of them broke a bottle over Allen’s head we got the TV back. He was a true company man. Willing to sacrifice his life for a B & W portable TV. We came back to the store all bloodied and battered. The restaurant manager, an old gal named Cora, passed out at the sight.

    Had a chance to go to Woodstock but decided against it because we had just received a big warehouse order and I wanted to get my merchandise put up. One of those forks in the road where you should have gone to the left instead of to the right…

    Shortly after that incident Mr Allen was replaced by a guy who lived south of Baltimore. He used to revel us with stories of how his wife would insert beads up his butt while performing oral sex on him. The times they were a changin’….

    Mr. Harding was quite the ladies man….I am fairly certain he had tried and proboably was banging a couple of the women who worked at the store, especialy a very attractive MILF that worked in the office.

    Remenber the coupon books?…what a racquet that was. Bought one and then immediately paid it off to establish a yet to be blemished stellar credit record.

    There was Ann (Womens) and Liz (Candy Dept) and Dorothy ( Curtains) and Mrs. Kennedy ( Menswear) and Nina (toys and pets), Bob Weinreich (Stockboy) and old Mr Purcell ( Stockroom)…Purcell, Harding and Allen used to buy me beer for our Friday and saturday night high school parties….my how times have changed….

    Worked there from 1967 to 1970 before going off to college…..haven’t been back to Baltimore except for the occasional wedding and all to frequent funerals….if anyone remebers me drop me an e-mail…rgkdck@paonline.com


    1. I remember a Bill Hayes as the manager. I was an assistant manager in Baltimore for 6 months in 1970 before I got promoted to the manager of the Beckly WVA. store. Im pretty sure his name was Bill Hayes, but I could be wrong.

      1. My dad Bill Hayes was the manager of Grants in Baltimore from 1969 to 1971, then transferred yo Parkside Plaza in Roanoke Va . He is now 84 and lives in NJ I have now lived in the Roanoke/ Salem Va area for 47 years

        1. Gail, That’s strange. When I left Beckly in 1971, I became the merchandise manager of the Roanoke store at Cave Springs shopping center. Tony Rivezzo was the general manager there. I don’t remember Bill Hayes being in Roanoke.I worked in Roanoke for 3 1/ 2 years till they closed. There was a big Grant City at Parkside Plaza in Brookhaven Pa.
          Your father was a great and tough manager. I learned alot from him.

          Please fill me in if I’m wrong. I live in Charlotte nc now.

          1. My dad Bill Hayes was transferred from Baltimore Md. to Roanoke, Va August 1971. He opened and managed the brand new Grants store ,at Parkside Plaza, on Dale Ave in SE Roanoke ,right next to Vinton Va. I have an article and picture of him opening up the store, it was published in the Roanoke Times & World News. My parents were friends with Tony & Mary Rivizzo. Tony was the Grant manager at CaveSpring Corners in Roanoke. I was a senior at Roanoke Catholic High when the bankruptcy was announced. August of 1975, the company sent my dad to Harrisonburg Va, to close that store down. He commuted, my family stayed in Roanoke. He was in Harrisonburg until November of 1975, then his days with Grants were over. He opened a Carvel icecream store at Cave Spring corners in 1976. In 1981 he returned to retail at CH Martin’s in Jersey City NJ. I have now been in the Roanoke Salem area for 47 years.

        2. Gail I worked for Bill in Harrisonburg VA as a merchandise manager. Then I ran into him in NJ when he was managing a retail stores in NJ 9 some small chain, I cant recall) At that time I was a regional manager for Western Publishing company. Tell him I said Hi… me email is kmosales@aol.com

  131. Thanks for every other excellent article. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect manner of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I am on the look for such info.

  132. Yes in South Jersey. Maple Shade, Moorestown , Mt Laurel area. Went there as a young marriedies for a family meal with our baby. Big dining out for a .39 breakfast. Wonderful memories. That baby is now 42. Anyone know the location…a 5&10 type store. My Mom worked there for a time to get Christmas for us. Precious.

  133. I remember the grants in St.petersburg florida at northeast shopping center,used to go there on Friday nights for the all U can eat fish fry then when we were done we would pop a balloon to get an Bananna split from anywere from 5 cents to 75 cents what a hoot.

    1. Hi David C. just a note, my dad was the store mgr. at that store in St. Petersburg Fl, probably in the late 1950’s as I remember, and as a young boy, we were fishermen and would catch the fish for the fish frys he would put on. It was a great time in our lives. My dad was Bill Manes and the district mgr. was Gil Atwater. My Dad, Gil Atwater, his son, Al Atwater and I would go out every Sunday into the gulf and load up on Grouper and Kingfish and would bring them into the store for these events. They were good times for us all.

  134. Mr. Radford was manager of the Bath, NY store and I had a crush on his daughter Sue. I also took her to the Bath Drive-in once.

  135. I worked for Grants from 1970 Amherst ny, Opened stores 71 & 72, worked in Dunkirk ny. Elmira Ny (sexy blonde I hired there) Canandaigua ny Perry ny. Pam Kavin,Pat Kelly (district mng Rocester ny. Kip Plamer store mng Elmira ny.Left in 1976 it was a great place t work

    1. dose anyone remember Jack Kivot He managed training store in N.Tonamanda Ny in the 70’s from there went to Corp. He ran Catalog stores Grants bought in Florida in the 70’s

  136. I worked for Grants 1970 to 1976. I trained in Amherst Ny(Edd Pasudi,Pam Kavin) Dun kirk ny (Pam Shamrock) pened stores for 2 years, Elmira ny 1974 Kip Palmer mng, Canandaigua,Ny Perry ny (My 1st store I manged) 1976 we closed. Graet place to work,alot of great memories

  137. Does anyone remember what kind of cash registers Grants used before the chain closed down? Did they ever make the transition to electronic point of sale systems?

    1. Yes they did have POS registers or should I say in slect stores. I was an auditor in the 70’s and identified the first computer theft at New Jersey store. At the time it was a very large theft, which included a group of people including the manager.

    2. I opened stores for the Company in the 70’s for about 11/2 years my area was New England. Great job for a 28 year old single Male. I could either fly back to Buffalo Ny every weekend or stay on the road I drove all over Maine & Mass with a rental. Great expense account Got Paid salary once a month I banked 5 months Bought 1st new car.
      I meet a lot of great people,Store Mng,Buyers Ceo,The manger of the new enland Area.

  138. I worked at WTGrant, Danville, Va 1960 to 1962 for Mr Clyde Tarver and Morris Hill asst. mgr. Would love to hear from George Svoda and any others ….some of us are planning a get together 1/25…….Retail has really changed….

    1. I was a trainee at Grants in Nordan Shopping Ct when we opened in 1961 and do remember some of the folks at Riverside location.

      LLoyd Taylor

    1. Mikr, I worked there from about 1968, to 1970. Mrs Rayburn was manager, Mr Cleary,(I hink James) and George Dewey were assistant managers. A young man named Danny worked furniture. It was a good job for high school kids-they would always work your schedule around your school schedule

  139. I worked at W. T. Grants in St Paul MN. I loved it. In the Men’s Dept. downstairs, Jewelry Dept. main floor and as a window trimmer with Pat. She was a neat lady.

  140. What a great site.
    I started with Grants as a stock boy in Medford MA. went into management training in Dorchester, Saugus, Wilmington. Makden,and Stoneham MA. I was acting mgr, in Needham when I was promoted to store manager in Willimantic CT after which i became merchandise mgr. in Vernon CT. I was made Regional fashion mgr. and regional sales traing mgr. before opening my first new Grant City store in Warren RI. I was promoted to Weymouth MA just prior to when to company went bancrupt.
    I will never forget the wonderful career, freinds, role models and mentors that Grants brought into my life.
    Bart Dowling, Jimmy Maroyya, Len Fyfe, Charlie Altman, Jack Dane, Marty Littlefield, Carl Bellini. Clayt Stalker to name a few of my mentors, thanks to you all…

  141. Was just up in our attic and came across some of the final confidential paperwork that was sent out to the store managers letting them know of some stores were going to be closed, but not to be concerned but them other letters came shortly afterwards telling them to pad lock their doors at the close of business. I also found many newspaper stories from the time from the Naples Fl. Newspaper telling of the great loss of jobs and interviews with local employees that had been terminated due to the closings. My Father was a store manager and retired in 1972 from the Sebring Fl. store and moved to Naples Fl just before the bankrupsy, but was still very close to the management at the time in Naples. It brought back many memories going thru the final saga of the company today.

  142. My dad “Ed Jones” was merchandise manager in Nashville Tenn. and store manager in Eden North Carolina, Denver Colorado and others. My sisters Linda & Marta worked in the stores, but I was too young. My dad was being moved from Eden N.C. to Myrtle Beach S.C. when he found out the stores were closing. We never moved.

  143. WT Grants is one of my favorite memories. My mother worked at downtown Gary, Indiana (60’s to 70’s) when the entire chain closed. I loved the toy department — that’s where I got my first “friend” at Christmas time, a “Beautiful Chrissy” doll with the “growing” hair. Grant’s had a Puerto Rican security guard, named Jimmy. Like their competitors (Kresge and Goldblatt’s), they had a great lunch counter (yellow and bronze) cushion bar seats (lots of gum stuck beneath the counter) — had the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches.

    1. I was a DM over that store for a while, It was when I made it a clearance center and shiped from all my stores their season close outs. Were you there then, It was during the Gray race riots

  144. I worked at The first Grants in Oxnard, CA in early 60’s. Met many wonderful people there. Mr. Wimberly was great asst mgr. hope someone else from that area remembers the first store before it moved across Saviers Road.

  145. Does anyone remember the soft ice cream serviced in tall glasses with strawberry or chocolate. They were out of this world and I’m trying to find out if that parfait is sold anywhere today.

  146. The email was from Larry Canale. A lot of the guys that worked there in the late 60’s have passed. Merl Grow, John Tessorario, Frank Delarm are gone. I tried to find Herb Tragesser on the internet, but couldn’t find him.

  147. I worked at the Route 57 store in Liverpool, NY for about 5 years until they closed. I worked in toys, garden shop, pets (ugh) and occasionally furniture and appliances. I was also the Easter Bunny in the restaurant and a Santa elf for Santa’s photos. I met some great friends, it was like another family to me. I was there through their final closing date, March 17, 1976 and I cried. Lots of fun times!

    1. My dad (Alan Kenyon) ran the Baldwinsville store at that time, but we lived in Liverpool. I was a freshman when they closed, and I cried too.

  148. Does anyone remember the Grant City store in Bryan, Ohio? I remember shopping there when I was in high school in the early ’70s.

  149. I started at Grants in Curry Rd SC, Rotterdam, NY in 1966 as a Manager-In-training and moved to Westgate SC in Albany where I was the manager of the Appliance & Furniture Depts. I left the Company in 1975. Some really great years. Would love to hear from anyone who might have worked at these stores.

    1. My husband, Ron Foster was also a Manager-in-training in the Albany Store. If I’m not mistaken, he was there in ’74 or ’75. He had started with Grants as a Credit Manager in Columbus, Georgia under Gene Ivy and then was transferred to Jacksonville, Florida under Duff Powell who was let go and replaced by Art Thompson. He then was transferred to Beaufort, SC as Credit Manager and then he decided to go into Store Management Training and was transferred to Albany. We loved our stay there. Let me know if the name sounds familiar?

  150. I remember W.T. Grants. I used to work in the Grants Bradford House, I worked at The Rocky Hill, CT store and was there till they closed their doors

  151. So many memories here. I really appreciate hearing about the people from the WT Grant world.

    I was the “record man” that opened and serviced the record departments in Grants stores all around OH, MI, IN, WV and PA. Got to know so many wonderful folks and hold a lot of great memories form that time – 1971 through the closing. My last two or three years were based in Pittsburgh and had me traveling most of western PA and through WV. I got to Pitt shortly after the Pleasant Hills store opened. What a great store. It was a hugely successful location as I recall. Seeing Dolph Cranston’s name here brought back some thoughts on some of the sales he ran. I clearly remember him running a “Topless Cashiers” promo. Of course, Dolph and all his guy staff were on the registers that day. I think he took a bit of heat for that one. We brought in Donna Fargo for that grand opening.

    I especially fell in love with WV, in particular, Elkins and Fairmont during that time. Visited all the stores every week, from downtown Piit to Penn Hills, to Latrobe, to Elkins. Great experience, great people, wonderful memories.

    Thanks to all whose path crossed mine in those years.

  152. When I married in 1965 I opened my first charge account. My dad was very concerned about CREDIT! I just went to an auction and bought a Bradford sweeper that was sold at Grant’s. It needs a belt and don’t know if these parts are still available. Does anyone know?

  153. Jim K
    It was great working with you at Pleasant Hills. That whole store had a fantastic crew. I’m sure your hard work and enthusiasm have done you well!

  154. I own a Grants 10 speed portable mixer
    poppy # WTG 89359 that still work, that I
    keep in its own box . It works very well.

  155. I worked at the Middletown, NY store (#1148) in 1975 selling appliances, TV’s and furniture. Al Loeffler was the store manager and Ralph Sacco was my dept manager. Everyone really enjoyed working there as we were really one big family. I am still in retail but Grant’s was the best retail job or any job, for that matter, I ever had.

  156. What a blast reading about the past great memories. I remember Jim Randall., from Hudson New York credit mgr. for Bob Eichel, Bill Deuval trainee in Roterdam under John Conners,also Don Belleville District Credit Mgr. also remember with a smile Carl Bellini from Regional Office when I was in North Andover with Len Fyfe. It was a great ride up from trainee, assistant, mgr., mdse mgr, operations mgr. from New York to Mass, Maine, and finally to Attleboro Mass. a lot of good friends that still keep in contact with, WISH YOU ALL THE BEST. Wes

    1. Pleased to read your comment. I have reviewed this site on a regular basis and it does bring back lots of good memories.

  157. I was store manager with Grants. Started in 1967 as a trainee in New Castle Del. Del Mcguire was the manager. Then to Salisbury Md. Mr. Campagna was the manager. Transferred to Harrisonburg, Va. Bill Feller was the manager. Went to Alexandria ,Va as an asst. manager working with Pete Lipnicki , the manger . After that was Baltimore, Md. for 6 months with the tough Bill Hayes -the manager.
    Finally , I became the store manager in 1970 in Beckly , Wva. Was there for one year and sent to Roanoke , Va. as the merchandise manager which is an equivalent of the store manager working under Tony Rivezzo, the general manager.

    The best education a person could get anywhere. Worked with the greatest people in the world. Hard to believe we got paid with cash everyweek until the end when they switched to checks which bounced. lol.
    I stuck it out till the end in Roanoke in 1975. I cried when we closed. Alot of great workers were out of a job. I can still remember most of the department numbers and even some item numbers. I wonder if Mrs. Short , Larry Ellis and Jay Fisher are doing ok.

  158. My father, LM Girard, managed Grant Stores all over the Midwest. He opened what I think was the first Grants in a shopping center in Kansas City, Mo. in the late 50’s. Later opened one of the first Grant City Super Stores the Milwaukee area. So many great memories. When color TV’s first came out we would go to the store and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade “in living color”. He was managing a store in Lexington, Ky when they closed. Like so many he had his retirement in Grants stock. I still get angry when I hear anything about the WT Grant Foundation. Should have used that money to help those who gave the better part of their lives to the company

  159. My dad was a manager and opened a couple stores in the Richmond va area , I was around 8 yrs old , I remember him getting phone calls in the middle of the night when the store security alarm had been activated , thought that was kind of scary back then. Dad would bring home some of that candy you could buy by the pound…great memories .

  160. My mom was the Office Manager at the WT Grants in Newtown Square, PA , and I was both the Stock Man & Garden Shop Manager while in 10th, 11th & 12th grade between 1972 thru 1974. I still use tools I bought there. I also remember making keys on the “lath” machine, and cleaning the fish tanks. It was a good job for me, I learned a lot there.

  161. I started as stock boy in 1965 at the age of 18 in store #881(John Moelher manager) Sacramento, Ca. When I turned 21 I started the Management Training Program at #956 Citrus Heights, Ca. Worked in 146, 1223 and then promoted general manager in 1971 to my first store #805 Hayward, Ca, Promoted to Merchandise Manager Grant City #1223 Antioch, Ca and then back to store manager #1074 Yuba City, Ca and finally to General Manager of Grant City # 146 Sacramento which I closed the day before Thanksgiving 1975. It was great ride with long hours and few days off, No regrets!!! I had to let go employees that 30 plus years of service, very sad! I still have the picture of WT Grant that hung in my last store.

    1. My Dad was Western Regional Manager and so I am very familiar with the names of the stores you worked in. He left LA in 1958 when he became President of Zeller’s in Canada….Zeller’s was owned by Grants and was sold as an asset to the Hudson Bay Company. It is my understanding the Zeller’s only recently went out of business. I knew John Moelher. My first job was at the Culver City, CA store.

  162. Was there ever a Grants store in Bridgewater, Massachusetts?
    My son who is now 51 yrs. old claims there was, I think he’s wrong.
    Curious and anxious to learn who’s correct.

  163. Does anyone remember their onion topping they used on their hot dogs? My mother grew up with this and I have been trying to look for recipes or anything that could help bring back this memory for her. If anyone has found something I couldn’t, I would love to know.

  164. I workded at the Toms River store around 1970-71. Good times – Great friends. Announced sales over PA system and took calls on old fashoned phone system w/trunk lines.

    1. I worked at the Toms River store at that time.I worked after school and on Sundays in the stationary/records dept.I loved that job my fist real job and paid in cash.I still have some of the pay stubs stashed away.
      Do you remember some of the managers Mr. Schmidt Mr.Kohanyi,Mr Burns?

      1. Not sure when it was open , but it was a fairly new store when I worked there from 1971 to 1975 when we closed her up.

        1. Store opened in fall of 1969. Bill Fellows was manager, Mel Feils and Dwight McGraw were merchandise managers. I was operations mgr. Don Hunt was one of the ass’t mgrs.

  165. OMG
    what a blog……
    WE built or developed:
    Euclid, Norwalk, Wapokoneta, Marion OH; Alma, Alpena, Cadillac, Traverse City, MtClemmons MI; Warsaw, Danville NY; Blairsville, Meadville, Titusville PA; BelleGlade FL and MANY more…brings back good ole memories…people were great… Sr mgt made many poor decisions at the end! when they finally came up with good one-to save the 398 core stores, stupid wall st nixed it !

    1. My Dad spent his entire career with Grants, if I remember correctly he started out in the stock room of a store in Atlanta, moved on for a short stint in Beckley, WV and then to the home office in NYC initially as a merchandise manager. My first job was at the store in Culver City, CA and then in the final days I worked at the store here in Virginia Beach. I just couldn’t stand staying home and watching such a big part of my life disappear.It has always been my feeling that a big part of the bankruptcy can be blamed on a CEO they brought in from Sears, who was a finance man, and he led Grants down the path of selling money rather than merchandise.VERY sad. From the home office my Dad, James aka Jim Kendrick, became Western Regional manager and then bounced back and forth a couple of times as President/CEO of Zeller’s in Canada (a wholly owned subsidiary of Grants) and Persident/CEO of Grants, back in the Big Apple. This blog is GREAT. So many wonderful memories.

      1. I was asst manager at Janaf Shopping Ct and got promoted to store manager in Farmville VA, Great store at Janaf

      2. I agree I worked in nyc for ten years in new store planning. One year we opened 138 stores. Can’t believe it went under

  166. I remember our Grants in Middletown Ohio,[about 1958]. At the Middletown shopping center. Great fun shopping with our parents and getting a dollar toy to keep us quite. Their hot jumbo cashews were to die for. I’d love to go back to simpler days where people had manners and if you forgot someone would remind you. Where has all the flowers gone?

  167. Does anyone remember W.T. Grants in Riverside New Jersey on Scott Street? My mom worked there for 25 years and stayed until they closed the store. I remember the wooden floors and all the people that worked there. My mom was in the curtain department, my godmother worked in the sheets/towels department. Great place to go to after school. I remember the clothes they sold there and just everything. Was sad when it closed!
    Donna Bintliff

  168. My Grandfather was CEO of Grants. His name was James Kendrick. I remember the closing of Grants. My mom was a cashier in the final days. I know my grandfather took his job seriously and was a very proud man. Unfortunately he is gone, but he lived a good long life with his wife Margaret. Hopefully he touched some of your lives.

  169. as I wrote before ,I worked for Grants in Latrobe pa. I worked register. First on Lincoln road then they built a new store along route 30. loved them both. Does anyone remember mr.weiss? he has passed. NIce guy. Mr .Hertz was at Latrobe also. good memories.

  170. Hey I remember Grants City. We had one in Phoenix City Alabama. I remember shopping there with my mom. When I was about ten years old my mom took my sister and I to see actor Ron Elly (who played Tarzan at one time in the TV show.). Do y’all remember him?

  171. I found this site by mistake, was a manager for grants, asst in davenport iowa, manager in moline I’ll, then omaha nebr., moved to la crosse wisc, then millwaukee area, back to omaha, bellveue nebr, last store waskearney nebr, company closed for us in 1975, aprox november. Was operation mgr in larger stores, mgr in smaller stores, lost bunch stock..

  172. Anybody work at New Milford Ct store during the late 60″s? I worked there as a high school student, mostly in the toy dept. Remember Mrs. Raybeck, Mr. Cleary, George Dewey, Danny Fuller (I think that’s is last name) and so many more! Made $1.60 an hr when I started, and when I left in the fall of 70, was “all the way up to” $1.80!!!! But it paid for my Mustang

  173. Did anyone out there work at the Westgate Grants in Albany, New York? I worked there when attending SUNY Albany in the mid 60’s. One of the best times for me. Great people. Gerry Lalonde was the manager and a super person to work for.


  174. Toms River NJ was where ours was located. They had the BEST Luncheonette!!! I have two patches with GRANTS BRADFORD AMERICAN MOTORS that the mechanics wore on their uniforms. Haven’t been able to find similar ones on the internet….anyone know where I can find them?

  175. We had a couple of Grants Stores in San Jose, CA where I grew up. I remember they closed up around 1975-76 when I was about 9 years old. My mom bought stuff there all the time, including Grants branded underwear for me.

  176. My father, Robert Ross (or Bob?) worked at W.T. Grant in Paterson NJ in 1954. I have no idea what he did or how long he worked there, but if anybody knew him I’d love to hear from you! He’s been gone for about 14 years now, and I am desperately trying to learn more about his life growing up. He was 16 at the time he worked for W.T. Grant on Main St. in Paterson NJ.

  177. It was my first job after graduating from college (Ohio State) in 1954. I worked in Grant’s Display Studios, on W. 42nd Street, between Broadway and 6th Avenue, in the heart of the New York theatre district. $50 per week! Loved the job, and the group I worked with, despite (or, because of) our after hours antics!

  178. I worked for W. T. Grant Co. from Oct 1960 until Oct 1965. I was in Wichita ,Ks., Oxnard,Ca..Renton,Wa., Spokane,Wa., Eugene,Or. I started as a stockman, moved up to receiving mgr., then to Divisonal Merchandise mgr. and then to acting assistant mgr.

  179. My late husband, KIPP PALMER, worked at WT Grant store from 1967-1976. First in Bath, NY – Horseheads, NY – East Rochester, NY – Canandaigua, NY – Olean, NY – Horseheads, NY – St. Marys, PA. We named our 2nd Son Grant, born in 1969.

    1. I worked for Kip,John Ryan(Asst Manager) in Hoarseheads 1974, I came off the road from opening stores, Then went to Canandaigua Ny as opening asst. Then Perry Ny 1st store as manager, Pat Kelly was district Manager

  180. I never worked at Grants, my Mom did back in mid 50’s part time for extra money, what with 10 kids to raise is easy to understand…that was in Milford, MA. Anyway what made me come looking for info was an old game I just found and it has a Grants Special 93 cents sticker on it! This has been a real interesting read and I thank you all, especially you that started it! God Bless and enjoy!

  181. I remember the Grants in Vailsgate, NY, right next to the major grocery store in the area, Big V. I remember every so often, they would make a major addition to the store’s size. It kept growing and growing, and eventually became the largest Grants in the chain.

    When the store closed, it was so large, they were able to convert it into an indoor shopping mall, with Caldors as the anchor store, and many other smaller stores.

    1. Did you work at the store? I was the operations manager through the closing. John Vandenburgh was the store manager. Was a wonderful company that prepared me for the business world.I am 75 years old and Grants were the best years of my life.

      1. Hey Doug – I was at Vails Gate when Mike Joyce was the ops mgr & Joe Roberti the store mgr. Met John Vandenburg (often) at 899 – Toms River. If you are on facebook be sure to check the wtg group


  182. And I remember Grant’s, who was not afraid to hire me, a recent college graduate, for their NY Display Studios. Paid more than the typical $1.00/hr, in 1954. Loved it!

    1. Thinking back to that WTGrant job in New York. It was in the heart of the theatre district, Times Square, which helped nourish my love of theatre. 42nd Street between Broadway & 6th Avenue! What could be better than that?

  183. Both my parents worked for WT Grant in Harrisobnurg, VA. My mom waitressed in the Bradford Room for several years during the late 60s and then my dad worked in the men’s dept, selling suits and making commissions on those sales. The company would fly him to Philadelphia for buying trips just for the men’s suits. He later moved into a management position and helped to open stores around Virginia. He was there until they closed in 1976. He loved working for Grants and so did my mom. He was only there 6 or 7 years before they went bankrupt, but he received a monthly retirement (or settlement) check – for $17 – until his death eleven years ago. He was so proud of that little check because he always believed they were a great company to work for. I spent a lot of time in that store and loved the smell of the roasted cashews and the toy department. Christmas shopping was such an event there, so much fun. We had all the Grant Christmas albums and many, many items purchased from the store. Such wonderful memories!

    1. I was the merchandise manager in Harrisonburg in 1969. Bill Feller was the manager. What are your parents names?

      1. Charles and Lillian Smith. They have both passed away. I remember my dad liked working for Mr. Feller. I think he must have been a well respected manager. Do you remember Kathy Winston? She waitressed with my mother and was a wonderful person. She never met a stranger.

        1. I cant remember the names . I’m sure they were wonderful people. I really liked Bill Feller. A very good manager. It was a great store. I can still remember Arthur Smith doing a concert outside the store one evening. . Harrisonburg is a beautiful clean city. I actually lived in Dayton Va. in an apartment above a radiator shop. What an experience for a year. Then I got transferred to Alexandria , Va. Great experience and memories.

      2. I was the merchandise manager in HArrisonburg in 75 for a short while but when I saw they were going under, I went back to Lancaster Pa I worked for Grants for 6 1/2 years I wonder if there is any pension money. Mike kmosales@aol.com

    2. I remember the Grants Christmas album. We used to listen to in in the store every day from Thanksgiving until Christmas. Usually it was 12 hours a day or more during that time.

  184. I texted my brother to try to remember the name of the store. We both came up with Grants at the same time. We live in rural Pennsylvania and had to drive 25 miles on a two lane highway to get there. It was such a treat and we’d be so excited to shop for Christmas and have our pictures taken with Santa. Years later we discovered in the pictures, beside Santa’s chair stood a bottle of booze! We cherish the pictures and laugh everytime we think about them, now we’re all in our 50’s.
    My husband remember Grants from Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia. He went there for the hot dogs. Grants was in his top 5 “haunts” because of them.

  185. pat spino anyone remember the chips they sold in clear bags? they were always stacked in front of the candy counter. they were not a potatoe\ chip/ they had their own unique taste ty

  186. Like many things in the past, they get better with age and probably W. T. Grant ‘s does too. I did not work at Grants but I did work next door to the one on Congress St in Downtown Portland Maine back in 1964-66. I would go over to Grants on break and get coffee and hot dogs for some of my fellow employees and bosses. I remember the hot dogs being about the best I have ever had. They were big and so very good. Grant ‘s on the whole probably was not as great as we think it was today but I know the hot dogs were and to this very day I miss then.

  187. Just wish we’d hear from someone, besides me, who worked in the display studios on W. 42nd St., NYC…from June 1954 till August 1955.
    Bernie Speyer

  188. my wife was packing up the xmas ornaments the other day and I saw a box of small red glass bulbs. I asked here where she got these and she told me we bought them just before I left the bell veron store in i. That was30 years ago

  189. In the 60’s and 70’s my Grandmother worked at W. T. Grant’s in Collinsville, Illinois. I spent many hours shopping and wishing at this wonderful story ore. My favorite time of year was when my Dad would take us three kids Christmas shopping, for my Mother. What sweet memories!

  190. My guess is we will never find them because they are not made anymore. Your right they were the best ever.

  191. I helped to open that store in Northern Lites ,spent about a year there, Ralph Chiavelli was the store manager, Grants Hot Dogs were made by Armour Star,provided to Grants by Monarch foods, Armour is no longer around, they were bought by another meat packing co. Monarch was bought by US Foods, they still have roller grill hot dogs, they only sell to restaurants,and not the general public,

  192. Are you refering to the Grants in Irondequiot, NY. I worked at the Penney’s, but always enjoyed spending times in Grants. Later, during college, I worked at the Grants at West Gate in AQlbany.

  193. Does anyone remember the “Grant City” in the Clarence Mall in Williamsville NY? It was the first store to open in the plaza around 1966. The plaza then expanded, and I worked at the Park Edge Supermarket next door. I too remember the hot dogs from the snack bar with the toasted, buttered rolls & the chopped onions YUM! Fond memories of the Christmas Shoppe in the Garden Center every year. Still using the toaster we bought when we got married, still works like a champ

  194. I was with Grants for about 10 years. The last store I managed was a Grant City in Sacramento, Ca. I remember selling everything in the store including the fixtures. The last thing I did was sweep the floor and mail the store keys back to New York office. My first job 10 years earlier at the age of 18 was sweeping floors. I ended my retail career 40+ years later as a VP with Hobby Lobby.

  195. Whoever was looking for the Grant’s “hot dog rolls” I found some very similar this summer at a WalMart Supercenter under the brand name of “Ballpark” while the bread aisle was being stocked by the “Stroehman” bread man (might be “Bimbo” by you (pronounced BEEM-Bo) Also if you are lucky enough to be near a Wegmans Supermarket, they sell “New England Rolls” in the commercial bread aisle (not the in-store bakery)

  196. My dad was a Grant’s store manager also. Youngstown Ohio, Minniapolis Minesota, Omaha Nebraska ,New Castle Indiana, Tucson Arizona. And more. He gave his whole life to the company and ended up with nothing. Very sad. I remember going to the store on Siunday too.

  197. My first job was with WT Grants in 1962-64 while in Mississippi College, Clinton, MS. The store was in Jackson, MS. The manager was James Ashe. I wonder where he is today?

    1. I remember a Larry Donahue – maybe a district manager in the Canton, Ohio, area. After Grants closed I believe he ran a Ben Franklin store at Southgate Shopping Center in Canton. Not sure if this is the same Larry you’re looking for.

  198. I remember Grant’s. It was a part of my life literally before I was born. My parents both worked at the downtown store in Houston. It’s where they met and fell in love. They married in 1956. My father worked for them until they closed. More than 20 years. We had a store in our in our neighborhood too. Lots of the people working there had at one time or the other worked downtown too so they all knew my parents and a trip to the store could take a long time. But they had so many good things to look at we never cared. Sometimes, on Saturday my Mom would take me and my brother to the Skillet and we would get a coke and a honey bun, warmed a little butter on top. It was the 60’s, nobody was doing health food yet. Most of our appliances were Bradford and our clothes and shoes came from there. Until 1975, we didn’t know anything but Grant’s. It was a good life.

  199. Whoever was looking for the Grant’s “hot dog rolls” I found some very similar this summer at a WalMart Supercenter under the brand name of “Ballpark” while the bread aisle was being stocked by the “Stroehman” bread man (might be “Bimbo” by you (pronounced BEEM-Bo) Also if you are lucky enough to be near a Wegmans Supermarket, they sell “New England Rolls” in the commercial bread aisle (not the in-store bakery)

  200. My dad Gerald Bligh was store manager in Johnstown NY the first half of the 1960’s.The store had first floor and basement.The toy department was in the basement along with the pets.On more than one occasion I remember my dad would have to go back to the store and round up these little monkies they sold that got out of their cages ! All our clothes came from Grants along with anything else that was bought for the house.We lived right across the street at the end of the block and every evening one of us older kids were send to the store to double check that the doors were locked.It was a different time back then and I have many great memories of being around the store.In the early 70’s I was a dishwasher at the Grants Bradford House in North Andover ,MA

      1. Hi Keystonelens ,yes they really sold small monkeys in the Johnsntown NY store.Kind of crazy when you think of it ! I was a Andover resident,but do not remember a store in Shawsheen.The North Andover store was located one exit north off Rt 495 on Rt 114 across from the old Holiday Inn.The plaza is called North Andover Mall and the Grants is now a Kohl’s .Market Basket is located next door.

  201. WOW, I’m glad I looked this up today. Wasn’t sure what I would find? We had a Grants on Main Street in Newark Delaware back when I was a kid in the early 60’s. What a great place to shop. Mom would cut us lose to roam to the toy department & the pet section! Many of our Christmas gifts were from that store. Eventually they closed it & moved to the brand new Castle Mall. It was the first real mall in Delaware. Mom & Dad used to take us to the Bradford House for the all you can eat fish fry they had on Friday nights. What great memories! BTW: My little brothers name was Bradford! LOL

  202. I worked for Grants in the Harbour Mall in Fall River , Ma, from 1971-1975, in The Bradford House. It closed in 1975 while I was on maternity leave. Great job, great people, Dave Correlli and Dick Bean were my managers. I returned to the same store (taken over by K Mart) in late ’75 with the same mgr. Dick Bean until moving to Las Vegas in 1989. Great memories!!

  203. I just stumbled upon two brand new in the box Bradford AM/FM/PSB radios. They were made in Japan for WT Grants by Panasonic in 1975. I guess they must have been sitting in a warehouse since the 1970’s…. I heard that there were actually 50 of these radios that were found. Im guessing that after WT Grants shut down due to bankruptcy in 1976, these radios were unsold product and sat in a old warehouse or something until recently found. Im glad to have stumbled upon them, inside each one is a small feature tag that was included with each radio, at the bottom it says “Have you applied for a Grants Credit Card lately?” Such a cool find, both radios work perfectly but in order to keep them pristine they are going back in the box!!!

  204. Hi all! The best thing about Grants was the popcorn they sold in the University and Thruway Plaza stores in Cheektowaga NY and Amherst NY from the 1950’s right up to when they closed. It was the best popcorn ever! I wish I could get it again. My mother worked in the office upstairs at the University Plaza Grants in the 1940’s. She loved the people she worked with, and still talks about liking her job there. (she’s 92!) The toy department was great too. I still have a Big Time Baseball book from the 1959 season that I purchased there. Anybody got info on that popcorn mix? I’d love to eat it again!

  205. As the child of a dentist in the 1970’s, I was not allowed a whole lot of candy at home. Thanks to the WT Grant store in Plainview and its 3-for-24 cents candy bar counter, sneaking tons of the stuff was not only easy, but very affordable.

    I don’t know how they did it, but at a time when a large bag of M&M’s was already about 15 cents, Grants managed to sell you THREE bags for less than a quarter. Same with Hershey/Nestle bars and any other candy. So, with my pocket full of quarters (change from the dollar I got to buy school lunches at the local luncheonette), off on my bicycle I would go to WT Grant whenever possible to load up on M&M’s, which I would then stuff into my face behind the dumpsters in the parking lot. The only time I could get away with this, unfortunately, was when my friends weren’t around, because word would surely get back to my parents through their gossipy lips. It’s amazing I grew up fit and trim, because I used to pack down sometimes six bags of those peanuty little treats at a time when I was pre-10.

    I also remember being able to spend hours at a time in Grant’s arcade for maybe a quarter or two. They had a game where you fired torpedoes ( a series of lights below the surface of the game screen) at a submarine. It made a really cool sound when you hit, and it seemed all you had to do was hit one or two and you got a free game. So I would pay for one game and play about fifty games, quitting only when I felt the M&M’s starting to melt in my pocket.

    The shopping center that housed Grant’s has now been upgraded to the point where it bears no resemblance to the place where my folks used to take me to watch Santa Claus land in a helicopter. However, the newest store in WT’s space, “Amazing Savings,” is strangely reminiscent of the types of stores we enjoyed in those days.

    1. I have read most of the comments here and this is the first reference to the Grant’s store in Plainview. Thank you so much for posting, Tom! I too have fond memories of going there in the 70’s. My mother and our next door neighbor used to food shop at the Grand Union every Thursday night but they would first go to Grants and sometimes I would get to go with them. You could get just about anything in that store. My mother bought a lot of costume jewelry there, some of which I still have. She passed recently but over the years we would reminisce about how great those hot dogs were! Thanks again for your “close to home” post!

  206. W.T. Grants was my first job out of high school. I worked at the Grant’s on Military Rd Niagara Falls NY from 1969-70. Was sad when it closed!

  207. My Mom, Lola L. Turner was Office Manager for the W.T. Grant Store in Kansas City, Kansas from 1954 to 1970. I worked summers at the “conveyer belt” Lunch counter and loved it! My mom paid for me to go to college, figuring she would have the Grant’s Stock to live on. She died in 2001 with “nothing”. I am her only child, my dad died in 1967 and I still suffer the effects of the stock loss. Are there any resources for situations like this?

  208. I worked in high school at 2 different locations that both lasted to the last liquidation of the company starting February of 1976. I worked in the Bradford House restaurant at the W.T. Grant location in the North Hanover Mall, Hanover PA and my parent relocated our home and I was fortunate to work at the Grant City store on East US 30 in the borough of Chambersburg PA on the sales floor in hardliners.

    1. Hi I was a manager in Lancaster PA Did you know Mike Deetz who was an asst in the Hanover store? We were in management program together Then we both worked for Western Publishing later Mike kmosales@aol.com

  209. I worked at the Westgate Plaza store in the eRLY 60’S while a student at SUNY Albany. Gerry Lalonde was the store manager, and one of the nicest people I ever worked for. Those are the days!!

  210. If any supermarkets in your area carry “Ballpark” brand rolls (yes I said ‘rolls” they make rolls like you are trying to find), but I’ve only seen them between Memorial Day & Labor Day. Pepperidge Farm sometimes has them too, they call them “Top Sliced Buns”. If you are LUCKY ENOUGH to be near a
    Wegman’s Supermarket, they usually have their own Wegman’s Brand all year round … They are called “New England Rolls” (I think because a lot of people use them for “clam rolls”)

  211. REading through this has been a trip. My dad was a manager in Norristown, PA. Wellsville, NY. Poughkeepsie, NY (old store on Main). Beacon, NY. I worked at Grants in Oneonta, NY and Poughkeepsie, NY (new store). He had many close connections to the central office and around the company.

  212. My dad ,William Hayes started with WT Grants in 1960, in New Brunswick NJ. He became a store manager, at 28,and was transferred all over NJ. In 1968, when I was in fifth grade ,he was transferred to Frederickburg ,Va. Then 2 years later, 1970 to Baltimore, Md. In 1971 he was asked to manage the opening of the brand new Grants store, at Parkside Plaza, Roanoke, Va, I was 13, and very upset about another move. Grants went bankrupt in 1975 while we were still in Roanoke. My dad had won several top store manager awards, with trips to Mexico City, Miami and Bermuda. He said that Grants was in good financial shape, but they expanded too fast ,and the top people caused the bankruptcy. I was thankful he was transferred out of NJ. I went to Virginia Tech and have raised my family in the beautiful Salem /Roanoke Va area.I been here 47 years. My parents moved back to NJ in 1980, after opening a Carvel icecream store in Roanoke ,with his small Grants retirement fund. The Carvel store did not work out . Dad went back to retail with CH Martins in JerseyCity ,NJ. Dad is 84 years now and is still working with mystery shoppers. I had some great memories shopping in Grants ,and eating the turkey dinner at the Bradhouse ,inside Grants. The Grants bankruptcy affected alot of lives. My dad said, WT Grants should of been prosperous for many more years ,but it was the greediness of a top few, that led to the company’s downfall.

    1. Gail,
      I worked for Bill Hayes in Baltimore in 1970 as his assistant manager for 6 months. He was an excellent manager. I then went to Beckley Wva as the manager. After a year there , transferred to Roanke as the merchandise manager in the Cave Springs store. I stayed till the end in 1975. I’ve been in Charlotte NC since 1976. I’m 77 now . Retired for 11 years. Grant’s was like getting a master’s degree in retailing. I learned a lot and used it for years in my future management and sales jobs. Write back

  213. My dad Bill Hayes came down to Roanoke, Va August 1971 to open up the new Grants store at Parkside Plaza which was located in SE Roanok e right next to Vinton, Va. I have apicture and article of him from the Roanoke Times and World news about the store opening. My parents were friends with Tony and Mary Rivizzo
    Our family lived close to the Cave spring corner Grants in Penn Forest
    When the bankruptcy was announced the summer of 1975, they transferred my dad to Harrisonburg, Va to close down that store, we stayed in Roanoke,he was there until Nov 1975 closed it down and his days with Grants were over He then opened a Carvel icecream store at Cave Spring corners 1976

  214. I have many memories, having worked for Grants between 1969 and 1973. I was working as a counter clerk for a sporting goods company (“Gateway”) that was sublease in a Woolco Store. I was 18 and working my way thru college. One day the guy who delivered photos to our camera counter told me that Grant’s #784 needed a camera department manager. Although I was totally clueless about cameras, the pay was better than I was getting, plus Grants paid bonuses for gross sales and for getting customers to open credit accounts. Store #784 was small and had not had a camera salesman for over a year. I faked my expertise and got the job. Sales at the time averaged barely $20 a day. I was not a photographer but I knew how to sell and how to organize. Within the next year I had cleaned out the inventory backlog and had sales up to some $500/day. I also received recognition for opening almost 30 credit accounts per month.
    I left Grants in 1972 but returned to work for a massive Grant City store in 1973. The company was different to say the least. Management no longer stressed selling or salesmanship. The new emphasis was on customer self-service. Floor managers limited interaction with any customer to 5 minutes, calling anything more “socializing and goofing off.” Imagine trying to sell a customer a complicated camera like a Nikon 35mm, along with lenses and accessories, in less than 5 minutes. WTG was si8mply too stupid to grasp the concept of retail SALES. I left Grants upon being accepted to law school in 1973, and recall visiting Store #784 on the day it shut down.

  215. Ok folks from WT Grants, tell me about the cash registers. With the chain closing in the mid 70s, did they ever make it to the early electronic cash registers? Did all stores have the same cash registers? I worked for other department store chains about 10 years later, and each store had their own registers, some Sweda, some NCR. What did Grants use?

    1. JP – first thanks for keeping this thread open! Yes they made it to POS – around 1974. They were Sweda although one member on the FB WTG page thought they were Singer. Sweda is a definite. Prior to POS did all stores have the same – not sure. You could find some old workhorses in stores that were used in smaller or seasonal departments. Can’t tell you the brands but put some pics in https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kid4egachei9fp7/AABC0T-OzhePprScpT_vChPFa?dl=0 for you to review. Two are from the 50’s, one and article in 1975 and two for the Sweda system – all from the WTG page.

      1. Thank you for the pics! I’ve never seen that model of Sweda POS register before. The newspaper article shows National (before they were NCR) cash registers from the 50s or 60s. Singer registers were common at Sears but I don’t remember seeing them anywhere else as a kid, maybe some stores had those

    2. (this may be a duplicate post – watching Masters)
      JP – Thanks for keeping this thread open! es WTG made it to the POS age with Sweda 725. On the WTG FB page there was a mention that maybe Singer was used, but Sweda is a definite. Prior to POS did all stores use the same registers – not sure. But replacements were ordered centrally so a Store was not buying locally. Even within larger stores you could find old registers in smaller or seasonal departments . Put pics in https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kid4egachei9fp7/AABC0T-OzhePprScpT_vChPFa?dl=0 for you, will leave themn for a week or two. All from the WTG FB page.

  216. to make the store even funnier!! I was in my teen years & was getting married when i bought dishes. I worked across the street at the F. W. Woolworths good years of my life, i really enjoyed it. OH!!!HAPPY DAYS!!!

  217. Most older stores around New York had Classic NCR registers with manual entry number no POSs. Port Chester NY Grants had a large theft issue during closing of stores with cashiers who got jobs at Hills Supermarket while working the end of Grants and pocketing cash for they were using charts posted on register desks for the percent off price. They would leave the drawer open or no sale manual button tell a customer a price and not bother ringing up sales. My Father was district Manager for Hills and saw many times the girls come in from Grants across the parking lot and cash in 10s 20s etc into large bills at Hill pre shift. After 3 day He arranged with Grants LP which was in full force during chain closing to stand in the cash booth and observe . # Grants cashiers were arrested on 1 day for theft.

  218. I used work at the Grant’s lunch counter in Spokane, Washington. When they went out of business, I bought a few of the fountain glasses, and I just found an unused book of matches from Grants.

    I have great memories of Grants. Working the lunch counter was my very first job. I also remember getting snagged once to walk in their runway show.

    There were two couples who traveled from Canada to do their shopping. They were such nice people. They would always leave my tip underneath every glass and plate on the table. I didn’t understand why they wouldn’t let me clear off the plates until after the first time

  219. I have some articles and other papers from the WT GRant stores in Poughkeepsie, NY and Beacon NY. My day was a manager in Butler, PA. Conshohocken, PA. Wellsville, NY also.

  220. When Jim Randall mentioned the Westgate store, is that the one in Albany? I worked there in the early 60’s while attending SUNY Albany.

  221. The appliance/furniture salesman you refer to was Lou Boyer. The man with the combover and pipe he smoked on the sales floor. Refresh my memory on Mrs. Seavey. Were you there when I was?Thanks. It isn’t the same anymore!!

  222. I don’t remember you Doug. I worked in the credit office near Lou. I was friends with Art Schaefer who owned the sporting goods store near the grocery store. I then was moved to Troy’s down town store. Mary Seavey was a delightful woman in the credit office.
    What area did you work?

  223. I was a a ‘floor walker’, and then took a year off from school ’64 – ’65, and managed the furniture department. Where did Art work in the store? I remember faces but not names. I do remember he lady who worked in housewares and always wore an apron. Wonderful people. Being a poor college student, they would always bring something for me me eat when working nights. An experience I will always remember. Did Art work in men’s clothing?

  224. Does anyone remember a Clyde Parker. He managed stores in wellsville, Poughkeepsie and beacon, NY. I worked in Poughkeepsie and Oneonta, N.Y.

  225. I managed stoes in Winchester Va. ,Columbia Pa.,York Pa..Reading Pa,Oneoneta NY, and Lower Burrell Pa..Managed stores from 1964 to1976. George Mosel

  226. I started in Cumberland in 69 then did 6 moves My first store was in Lancaster PA then merchandise manager in Harrisionburg VA. I was actually the youngest manager in the company when I got my first store… 24 I still have the Grant Game magazine with my photo in it. Mike kmosales@aol.com

  227. Mike , I was one of the asst.mgrs there way back in 1969. Bill Feller was the store manager. I was there for 1 year and lived in Dayton . Va I remember quite a bit about my stint in Harrisonburg. Great place to live. Hope to hear from you again. Bill

  228. Mike,I worked for Bill Hayes as an assistant manager in 1970 in Baltimore. I worked AT at the Roanoke store from 1972 to 1975 as the merchndise manager . The general manager was Tony RIvizzo. The location was at the Cave Springs shopping center. I don’t remember a Parkside Plaza store in Roanoke nor remembering Bill Hayes in Roanoke. Bill Feller was the manager in Harrisonburg va. I worked for him too.

    1. Bill email me any time kmosales@Aol.com BillHayes was still living in Roanoke but commuting to Harrisonburg. I had not move d to Harrisonburg yet and resigned when I saw that Grants was going out. I went back to Lancaster PA

    2. Bill I must have followed you as merchandise manager. Bill Hayes got the store the week before I got there as merchandise manager

  229. Amazing how little we see from Florida. I worked at Store 784 in Plantation, Fla. and at the very first “Grant City” in Pembroke Pines. Grant City was so huge that it had its own weather, and would rain inside the store if the AC went on the fritz. At 784 I worked for a brilliant manager named Fred Stinson who eventually was transferred out to Texas. In 1974 I started law school, and went on to a legal career, but it is what I learned at Grants that served me well over the decades. I was the Department Manager for 32F (photography) .


  231. Anyone remember the GRANT CITY in the CLARENCE MALL, Main & Transit in Williamsville? I worked next door at Park Edge Supermarket & went to the snack bar for their ‘roller grilled’ hot dogs and buttered, toasted rolls for lunches. Yum! I STILL have the toaster we bought there in 1975 (replaced the plug) and Bradford Freezer a year later (also STILL working).

  232. Funny how almost all of the comments on here seem to come from upstate NY. I worked for Grants twice, once during college and again while waiting to start law school. I began at Store 784 in Plantation, Fl. and later worked at the gigantic Grant City in west Pembroke Pines, Fl. At the time, Grant City was supposedly the largest store in the US, at almost 200,000 square feet. The store was so big it had its own weather, and would rain if the AC was not properly controlled. When Grants left the building became a shopping mall. I managed the camera department (32F) at both stores.

  233. I worked at Grants in Albany, New York when in college and then as a manager trainee before a career as a software analyst. A wonderful store and people. They should have stayed with the model that worked and they would still be here today. The alternative to Penney’s, but better!

  234. I still think of those hot dogs at Grant as a kid in the early 60s grew up in Whittier California grants was always my favorite stop those hot dogs or if somebody could remake those they’d make a million thanks to all what a thread thanks guys

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