Fightin’ Words.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Rosie O’Donnell fan and that I really enjoy her blog. Since Star Jones’ appearance on Larry King Live this week, there’s been a few messages to the “Ask Ro” feature regarding Rosie’s “mistreatment” of Star. For example: writes:
You are nothing but trailer park trash. You are notqualified to carry Star’s shoes much less crtique her life. I am sick of fat obnoxious white trash like you.

I love how people feel they can hide behind an e-mail address and spew venemous tripe at people they’ve never even met. At least when I do it on my blog, you know where you can write to say your piece as well. Thankfully, Rosie let us know where we can send a message as well.

I just sent Angela an e-mail. I’m curious to see if she responds.