Creative Space.

Creative Space.

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When I took my walk the day of the Summer Solstice this past week, I made a mental list of things I’d like to get accomplished. One of those things was to get the room I call my “creative space” cleaned up and to make it a more asthetically and productive environment.

So this afternoon that’s exactly what I did.

Earl and I have been using matching office chairs for the past couple of years in our respective computer rooms. They’ve matched to the point where they were both broken, ready to fling us out of our seats at a moments notice. I felt a trip to Staples was in order, so we picked up a couple of office chairs and I picked up a desk for my PowerBook setup.

The Mac Mini has had issues since I fired up the trial version of Microsoft Office on it, so I wiped the Mac Mini clean and I’m in the process of reinstalling all my audio tools. Thank goodness for firewire drives, it makes me it much easier when your important files are saved on a separate hard drive!

I also dragged the IBM Netstation from the basement up here into the studio so I would have a computer that could be devoted to work and all that stuff. It’s behaving itself on my old computer desk.

While in somewhat of a cranky mood today (which was rectified by a nap), at least now I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment and that I’m ready to tackle the work week head on.