South Phoenix Mountain.

South Phoenix Mountain.

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Earl and I took a trek south of Phoenix today to the appropriately named South Phoenix Mountains. Or perhaps it’s just “mountain”. I’m not sure. Nevertheless, there’s a wonderful park that encompasses the area and there are countless outlooks with breathtaking views.

We had visited this park during our trip in 2003, in fact, somewhere on my hard drive is pictures of me doing yoga poses on one of the lookouts during a beautiful desert sunset. I’ll have to find those and post them someday.

Today has been another day of relaxation. The bear events included a pool party, which was good fun and tonight there’s a banquet and the usual bar hopping fun. We’re getting to know people and trading e-mail addresses and blog web addresses and whatnot. I don’t think this hotel has had so many computers in use at once before, the internet connection keeps crapping out. Hopefully this blog entry will make it to the site!

We haven’t decided if we’re heading to South Dakota tomorrow or early Monday morning; I guess it depends on how we feel when we get up.

I keep telling Earl how this is truly the trip of a lifetime for me; I am having the time of my life.