Today while we were touring around Louisville, I found something that I never thought I would like. Hold on to your socks, I actually liked…

“Wal*Mart Neighborhood Market”.

Intrigued, Earl and I stopped into this store to pick up a couple bottles of water. I had read about this new type of Wal*Mart on the internet and I wanted to see what the hype was all about.

These little stores are no bigger than your average grocery store. There’s no annoying television monitors blaring advertisements on a continuous loop. This format of Wal*Mart is devoid of anything except what you would find in a grocery store. There isn’t even a red smock to be found, with the color schemes favoring a more earthy approach in green and tan. While not as swanky as my beloved Wegmans, I would actually welcome a store like this into our neighborhood back home.

Who would have guessed?