Shhh! A Little Late.

Still recovering from last night’s iPod earphone debacle, I jacked into the gym’s entertainment system for my 60 minutes on the spazzmaster machine. You know, there’s not much on television on a Friday night. Then I discovered a show that I really enjoy.

“The Ghost Whisperer”.

At first I thought this show was a knock-off of the very popular “Medium” on NBC, sort of like “I Dream of Jeannie” was a knock-off of the very popular “Bewitched” back in the day. But there appeared to be little else appealing so I thought I’d give it a try.

I love this show! First off, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character as woman who sees dead people is believable. I wasn’t expecting that. Secondly, Vanessa Lengies, who played Roxanne on “American Dreams”, was guesting starring and I’ve always enjoyed her performances. Thirdly, Vanessa’s character’s father was played by ever present guest star Daniel Roebuck and he always gives a good spin on whatever character he’s playing whether it’s as a lawyer on Judging Amy, a doctor on Lost or Cody Bank’s father.

I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy this show, but watching “The Ghost Whisperer” tonight made the 60 minutes on the spazzmaster fly right by. Unfortunately, it was followed by the crappy “Close To Home”, which I refuse to watch since it knocked “Judging Amy” off the air last fall, tanked horribly and moved to Friday nights where it has enjoyed moderate success. I must admit I tried to watch the first few minutes of “Close To Home” but I found that it didn’t grab my interest at all (my bitterness about the cancellation of “Judging Amy” still lingers), so I opted to watch “America’s Funniest Videos” instead. That should tell you how much I didn’t enjoy “Close To Home”.

Looks like I’m going to have to catch up on “The Ghost Whisperer” with reruns this summer. Thank goodness for TiVo.