Entertainment Watch.

Earl and I have been trying to give network television a second chance this winter and have added a few shows to the TiVo over the past couple of weeks.

Medium. My current favorite show, Medium freaks me out a little bit when she’s dreaming some bad things, but I love the cinematography, the actors, the writing and the overall production. Top notch. Let’s hope they don’t jump it over a shark, because NBC has a good thing going.

Will and Grace. I wish I could say that I love this show all over again but it has become very, very weak. Sean Hayes running around naked, Debra Messing’s ever present clavicle and very cheap, re-hashed one-liners do not a show make. And don’t get me started on that old fartbag Rosario. What the hell happened to her? Sadly, we’d rather watch the early years of W&G on Lifetime.

Courting Alex. I like to think of this show as Dharma’s grown-up dream. Jenna Elfman is Jenna Elfman and Earl and I have giggled at each episode at least once. One thing I must say is that I do not think her boyfriend on the show is as hot as the cast off from her office (the guy that wears glasses). Now he’s hot. The boyfriend’s teeth look alarmingly big and/or fake. He reminds me of Dionne Warwick when he smiles. And that’s not good.

How I Met Your Mother. I was kind of wavering on this show when we first watched it last week, but this past episode we both found quite entertaining in a fun sort of way. In a frightening way, Earl and I found our relationship identifies well with “Marshall” and “Band Camp Girl”. And the swords on the wall that were highlighted last week totally rock, Earl and I are thinking of having a duel one weekend.

Crumbs. We are on the fence on this one still. The dysfunctional family hits a little too close for comfort sometimes. (Just kidding Mom.)

Charmed. Buh bye. When you killed off Leo, just when everything was feeling normal in the Halliwell house, you lost two faithful viewers.

American Idol. Personally I’ve found this season boring but I’m saving this week’s episodes for the weekend. The most interesting thing I’ve looked forward to this season is whether Ryan has stubble on his face or not.

The West Wing. If it wasn’t for Allison Janney, this would have been dropped off the TiVo when they started the whole election campaign. Talk about killing a quality show in less than a season!

Judging Amy. Oh that’s right, the jackasses at CBS cancelled that one and have nothing to put in it’s place. Yes I’m still very bitter.

Four Kings. [insert cricket noises] Sorry, not TiVo worthy.