So my friend Shirley and I were busy working this morning at 9:15 or so when we turned behind us and noticed that our co-worker had stepped away from their desk. With their coat. And their briefcase. And they had left their pager and parking pass behind. And their computer off. Apparently this new employee was not happy here and decided to leave, without so much as a goodbye or a “this job isn’t right for me”. Considering it’s now five hours later, it’s pretty safe to say they’re gone for good.


I must admit that those thoughts jumped through my head quite a few times when I started at my job. I had a lot of doubt of whether I was smart enough, whether I could handle the tasks and if I really wanted to do what was required of me. At no time, however, did I ever entertain the thought of just abandoning the job and leaving the company high and dry.

That’s just rude.

Eons ago I was working at a temp job when my co-worker said that if we ever met outside of the office he’d want to shoot me through the head because he didn’t like people “like me”. Since I was young and insecure at the time, I didn’t say anything to management. I didn’t know if others were thinking along the same lines as he was. It was a kick to my already wavering self esteem at the time. Did I leave the job? Yes, after I finished the day and took the time to tell management that I would be requesting another assignment since I didn’t feel comfortable in that position (something about not being able to wrap my head around the job, I hated that job to begin with and this was just another kick to send me out the door). But I never thought of abandoning the job.

So now the search begins to add another member to our merry group at work. Two and a half weeks of getting to know someone, down the drain. Here we go again.