Earl and I decided to continue our relaxing trend this weekend and go out for a couple of drinks tonight. There’s only one gay bar in town, the one I used to DJ at a very long time ago, so that’s the place we went. Not much has changed. First Earl is still bartending, we recognize some of the guys from the days I worked there and the number of people in attendance has dwindled.

There were a bunch of the younger crowd there and I tried my best not to feel obsolete.

We did dance a little bit to Kelly Osbourne’s “One Word”. I still think it’s a great song and it seemed like the others on the dance floor seemed shocked that two bears were out there dancing to a somewhat current dance track.

Earl and I did strike up a conversation with a guy that was standing by himself in the corner. We made a quick friend in Ryan who lives way out in the country and rarely goes out. Turns out he grew up just down the street from where I grew up, he just did it 10 years later. Like everyone that grew up there, he’s pretty fine to look at. 🙂

After we said our good nights at the bar we stopped at the diner right around the corner from our house which is now, thank goodness, open 24 hours on the weekend. French toast with blueberry syrup is oh so bad for the healthy eating but oh so good at 3 a.m. on a Saturday night.