I spent most of the night last night doing my on-call duties. I tried to take several catnaps in between the phone calls to, well, a really big, disorganized telephone company that rhymes with Horizon. But several catnaps joined together do not equal one good night of sleep. Thank goodness tonight is the last night of on-call for the next week and a half!

Quick bursts of sleep in the middle of the night are quite fascinating. With each successive catnap, I find that my dreams get more and more vivid. Then they just start getting weird. The final dream last night involved my calling Earl out onto the back deck to watch the new space shuttle land (three times as big as the old one with big bay windows on the side) at the local Air Force Base. We watched it fly over the house. We waved at the astronauts. The dream was in vivid technicolor. I was amused when I awoke. I don’t know where the heck that dream came from but it was the second space shuttle related dream I’ve had this week, the first being that Earl and I went to watch a space shuttle launch in Florida that was subsequently aborted during lift-off. To abort, the astronauts threw it in reverse and landed back on the launch pad. There were even backup lights on the back of the space shuttle. I have no idea what this all means.

Perhaps I’m reading too many sci-fi stories again.