Top Of The Pops.

During my last air shift on Top 40 radio back in 2001, I made the radio station I worked for my personal jukebox for an hour and played the “J.P. Top 10”, my Top 10 favorite dance tracks of all time. Unfortunately, I’ve since lost the list. However, as I was driving back from lunch today, I began formulating my Top 5 favorite dance tracks of all time, updated for 2005. I thought I would share.

1. “Remember”, B.T. feat. Jan Johnston, 1996.
2. “I Can’t Wait”, Nu Shooz, 1986.
3. “Save Me”, Lisa Fischer, 1991.
4. “Get Up, Stand Up”, Stellar Project, 2004.
5. “Coming Out Of Hiding”, Pamala Stanley, 1980.

Surpisingly, there’s only one relatively new song in the Top 5 now with Stellar Project bumping out Exposé’s 1987 hit “Point of No Return”. Oh, what the heck, I’ll list the bottom half of the Top 10 as well. Note I can’t make up my mind about number 9, so it’s a tie.

6. “Point Of No Return”, Exposé, 1987. (The version with Jeanette Jurado on the leads, not the original)
7. “Come Rain, Come Shine”, Jenn Cuneta, 2005.
8. “Vogue (unreleased Ultimix remix)”, Madonna, 1990. (“But how do you know about an unreleased remix?”, says the crowd.)
9. “Don’t Make Me Wait”, Loveland feat. Rachel MacFarlane, 1995.
9. “I’m Gonna Luv U”, Summer Junkies, 1997.
10. “Heart Like A Wheel”, The Human League, 1990.

In all honesty, it’s difficult to restrict my favorite tunes to a Top 10 list, but these are definitely the top 10 that I would never become bored with. I’d provide links to mp3 files of these songs but the RIAA or some other acronym happy group would probably sue me for a couple of million.