The Interview Game, My Turn Again.

A new blog buddy, Jay, asked me some questions for the interview game. Here’s my answers!

1. What would you say is the greatest purpose your blog serves in your own life? And what is the longest you’ve gone without writing an entry in your blog?
I actually have no idea why I write in my blog. I think it fills a need of my somewhat eccentric personality, sort of an extension of my tendency to live life “out loud”. Back in the early days of my blog (2001-2002 or so), I’d only write once every couple of weeks, then it was once a week. For the past year or so I’ve written daily or somewhat close to that.

2. How did you and Earl meet?
Earl spotted me in a local bar where I was the disc-jockey. Someone approached him asked him what he was “into”, he pointed to me and said “that”. I spotted him as soon as he walked in the door (being in an elevated DJ booth was always so advantageous!), I walked up to him and said “how you doing?”, smiling, and he blushed and left. A couple of months later he walked in and I tried the same old routine again and I didn’t frighten him this time, he hung around and we got to know each other really quick. I honestly have to say that Earl is the only person that I fell in love with at first sight, though I didn’t tell him for quite a few months; he seemed so skiddish. 🙂

3. Who is on your “list?” As in the lists of famous people that couples jokingly negotiate with one another, giving their partner permission to sleep with if, in some impossible circumstance, the opportunity presented itself. (If you don’t have one, who would be on the list if you did have one?)
We’ve talked about the list before and I’ve thrown around a few names… Bruce Willis is a biggie, Stephen Cafferty from “Longtime Companion” is one, Pernell Roberts back in his Bonzana days would have been a big Bonanza for me.

4. If you divided your average vacation into a pie chart, what activity would have the biggest slice?
I love road trips, so driving would probably take up the biggest slice. Aside from that, just relaxing somewhere scenic would come in a close second.

5. What do you want to be doing in 10 years?
Enjoying life as much as or even more than I am right now. Career wise, if I’m not still at my present job, I’d like to be self employed with our own Bed and Breakfast or Diner.