Come Rain, Come Shine.

I mentioned way back in April that I had fallen in love with a song called “Come Rain, Come Shine” by Jenn Cuneta. Its still the number one rated song on my iPod after all this time, and after doing research, I see that it’s starting to make some noise on the radio airplay charts. I’m not surprised, I was always ahead of the game at picking hits which made me a LOUSY program director in radio.

Anyways, this song is one of the only songs to sample a Paul McCartney song with his approval, the background riffs being “Silly Love Songs”.

It’s rare that I would have an interest in a song for such a long time. Usually I listen to the same track over and over until I absolutely burn out any further interest I may have. I was notorious for that as a radio program director; playing a song so often on the radio that the audience would be just short of freaking out and throwing things at their car stereo until I pulled back on the rotation a little bit. For example, many Top 40 stations would play (they probably still do) their top three or five songs of the week 60-70 times a week. This would guarantee that whenever a listener tuned in, they would hear one of the hit songs of the week within the short time that they may tune in. Always one to overdo, I upped this to around 100 to 110 times a week, the record being held by “Feel It” by The Tamperer featuring Meja at a whopping 126 times in seven days. Translated, that means that song played every 80 minutes in one week on Wow FM, The Beat of Central New York. (Perhaps we should have called it “The Beast of Central New York”) If you stepped foot in a club in the late 90s, you probably know the track by the lyrics… “What’s she gonna look like with a chimney on her, what’s she gonna look like with a chimney on her” and then the ominous music from The Wizard Of Oz would be sampled.

Small wonder Wow FM no longer exists and I’m no longer in radio.

Anyways, “Come Rain, Come Shine” would easily find itself in that category if the station were to exist today. Jump over to Jenn’s site and take a listen in the multimedia section. It’s a pretty cool track.