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That ‘click’ you just heard is millions of people turning off American Idol for good. They’ve all said so, right on the American Idol official message boards. Audience favorite, Constantine Maroulis, was voted off this evening. Teenage girls are crying across America as I type. They’ve lost this generation’s David Cassidy. The world as they know it has ended.

Quite frankly, I don’t think Constantine was that great of a singer. But he was a good performer, and whatever he lacked in pitch he made up for it in stage presence. You can’t deny that he is much more deserving to be on the stage than that “Mound of Bad Sound”, Scott Savol. Heck, I’d welcome back Mikalah Gordon in a minute just to get rid of Scott Savol. I find him to be truly awful. His lack of pitch is most unnerving. He always looks like he’s sleeping his way through performances. When he gets criticism, I get the feeling that he’d like to be going postal and downing a few people. I picture Scott Savol is on his way down Ruben Studdard boulevard. He’ll win this god awful competition, sweat his way through a couple of numbers and then retire on the money he gets from suing everyone around him.

I told Earl I was done with the show because it’s become such a travesty. I mean, Paula Abdul was sober this week, for pity’s sake! How boring is that?

So I said “I’m done”. I probably lied.

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  1. This is what heppend. The rock vote got split between Constatine and Bo. One of the rockers had to go becuase the fan base could only support 1 rocker. If you listen to the crowd when Bo performs, it’s a good indication he will win. They need a rocker. They have had the pop girly girl ( kelly), the token big guy ( Ruben), the R&B chick ( Fantasia), and even though he didn’t win, the bubble gum pop boy Clay. It’s time for a rocker ( or a country girl, Carrie may surprise us all. The amount of people that listen to country music is staggering) The fact is, Simon’s favorite is Bo, and I think as much as Amarica says they hate Simon, they listen to him and vote how he tells them to. It’s kind of like a self fulfilling phrophecy. If Simon says “you are the best this season” America listens. Top 3 will be, in rank order, Bo, Carrie, and Vondzell. I think Scott will go next, followed by my “is he gay or isn’t he” cutie.

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