Earl asked me last night why I head home for lunch every day. After all, it’s a 10-15 minute drive each way and that can chew up almost half of my lunch hour.

So that got me pondering as to why I do head home for lunch. I guess because it breaks up the day. It divides the workday into two distinct halves. With it being winter and all, I’m not really excited about going for a walk or just sitting in the car and stealing someone’s internet to surf on my PowerBook, it’s just too damn cold to do that. I think once the sane weather returns, I will enjoy those activities again.

Coming home for lunch also keeps me grounded. I can pet the cat, check phone messages and the parade of ebay shipments and write in my blog in the comfort of our home. Now that life has settled down pretty well, with Earl and his promotion, my new job and everything, I can actually take the time to enjoy our home. It’s soothing to sit and relax without the distractions of the work environment. And I’m determined to not suffer from the burnout I had on my previous job.

So I guess that’s why I head home for lunch every day. So I can reset my psyche. It keeps me from crashing.