Wow! That Really Sucked!

I take a certain wicked delight when I see these fabricated and egomaniacal pop stars crash and burn in public. The latest spectacle belongs to Ashlee Simpson. I guess she was going to prove that she can sing after all, after being snagged on Saturday Night Live as a lip syncher with a track problem. So she appeared on the Orange Bowl half time show and sang live, without backing vocals. I watched as much of the performance as I could (damn you broadband!). This girl has no business singing in the shower, let alone in public. She was not in time with the band, she was singing in various non-existent keys and she was gyrating like someone had set her pants on fire. The crowd was not too pleased – they booed her at the end of her set.

If you like to see a fabricated “entertainer” crash and burn, here’s a clip in Windows Media Player format. I know, I know, how non-Mac of me, but it’s the only clip I could find and easily steal off a website.

For more Ashlee Simpson fun, follow the link mentioned at the beginning of the clip.

And yes, I know it’s not fun to pick on other people when they’re down, no I couldn’t do any better (actually I could) and yes I’m smart enough to know my limits.