J.P. v2005

With today being the first “real” day of the New Year, I’ve been getting ready to implement my New Years Resolutions. I kicked off the fun this morning by riding the exercise bike longer than I have in a long time. I also made a point of keeping my heart rate up above 140, something that I can’t usually do without an assist. I felt great afterwards. Tonight I’m going to do some weight training goodness and see if I can find my abs after three months or so.

I then decided to shave off my beard and just keep the mustache. Subconsciously I think I equate “beard” with “heavy” and eat accordingly. I think the lack of beard helped when I jumped on the scale. That and the removal of belly button lint.

It was then off to the grocery store to buy some salad stuff and other assorted veggies and fruits. On the way, I tuned in the calming Jazz Café on Sirius radio. Instead of the banging beats of dance music, it was soothing to drive to the sweet sound of Jazz. I didn’t even flip anyone off or anything! Who knew?

At the grocery store I did something I haven’t done in seven years. I returned cans and bottles. Instead of just dumping them in the recycling bin, I actually returned them for the deposit. It took over $6.00 off the grocery bill! I shudder to think how much money I’ve recycled over the years, but why look back when you’re on a roll?

And now I’m watching figure skating with Katarina Witt on NBC while I’m typing my blog entry. There’s a certain beauty to figure skating that can not be duplicated elsewhere. I prefer the skaters that wear more normal clothes (jeans, flashy top, etc) instead of some of the bedazzled outfits they sometimes show up with, but nonetheless figure skaters are so very talented. Wow.

A new era kicks off tomorrow on many fronts. Earl starts his new responsibilities as General Manager of two plants. He’s now in charge of the whole shebang both here and at the plant in Scotia, outside of Albany. While he’ll be traveling a little more, it won’t be as far, as his last trip to Ohio is next week.

With tomorrow I start my first week of “on call” for work. I guess that makes me officially part of the team. It’ll be intense, but its a challenge that I look forward to. Besides, it means overtime pay, which is always an added bonus.