Doing It In Public, Doing It In Private.

As I mentioned a while back, Earl and I both have notebook computers… I have a PowerBook and he has an iBook. They offer the versatility of being wildly mobile, essentially doing computer stuff anywhere in the house or even doing it in public at a local coffee house or cafe, yet offer the power of a regular desktop computer.

Tonight is the first night that I’ve taken the advantage of that portability to the bedroom. Now I could get all kinky and say that I have a webcam focused on the bed and you can click on a link to see what we’re up to, and while I’m sure that would be quite popular, it’s not the case. At least not right now.

No, I’m doing some surfing while Earl is sleeping right next to me. Not ready to call it a night when he was, this seemed like a fair compromise. Kind of like Mr. and Mrs. Brady sitting up in bed and reading. Small wonder they didn’t have any children after they got married, and no, Oliver doesn’t count.

So while I have Earl snoring to my left, Tom contently purring at my feet, and the whirr of the fan invading my thoughts (it masks the ringing in my ears that I constantly hear when I’m trying to fall asleep), I’m chatting it up with some friends on Yahoo! Messenger and surfing ebay, I’m doing it while enjoying the comfort of my bed and my family.

I heartily recommend that everyone try whispering in the dark some time.