Doing It In Public.

This is a first in the almost three years that I have been maintaining a blog. I am writing it in public. I’m not referring to the times that I sat in my car at lunch time, windows steamed up, internet connection ‘borrowed’ from an unsuspecting user in a well-to-do neighborhood.

No, I mean Earl and I are doing it RIGHT NOW in public. We’re sharing a table, notebooks back to back, at Barnes and Noble in DeWitt.

I have a tazo chai to my right, the remnants of a chocolate cookie to my left, Powerbook square and center.

I’ve checked my e-mail. I’ve tried to read my favorite usenet newsgroups, without much luck due to being in public. And Earl and I have chatted with a friendly older couple that were very impressed with our notebooks. They have deicded to become an Apple family. We welcomed them to the fold.

Looking around this little cafe, I’m noticing six notebook users, excluding ourselves. Five of them are using some type of Mac.

I guess we’re all snobs.