An honor.

Over the years I have added several blogs to my “must read” list, including The Daily Pequod.

My online friend Robert had a little celebration upon the 5,000 hit on his blog, and I had the honor of being the chosen one. The winner received a poem and a beer on him. I took a raincheck on the beer until we get to San Francisco (probably in February), but Robert did go ahead and wrote me a haiku:

Little bird on stalks

Flits from encroaching wave

Live crab in hungry beak

I’ve never had someone write me a haiku before. I find the honor very fascinating. And I look forward to the beer.

In other fascinating news, I’ve hit a month on my beard and I must say that I’m digging it this time around. I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was going to do a “Beards For A Cause” charity, but I’m going to help out by contributing to their website instead. I don’t think I can commit to a beard that goes untrimmed for year and keep my lover, family and employment.


  1. I LOVE Haiku. It’s simple, yet eloquent. That was cool. Indeed an honor JP. I am inspired to go write one.

    Take care!

  2. Dude:

    Where’s the eyebrows? You look a LOT like me!!! I currently am sporting the bald head (3 yrs now) and full beard – only 9 days. Does not take me long to grow a full beard. I am 44 yrs young – originally from So. Calif (born and raised) for 42 yrs, moved to Sparks, Nevada and will probably end up cleaning up the beard and go with the white 1/2 goatee and shaved head – no mustache. Very modern and cool in So. Calif.

    Your beard looks good. I also shaved my eyebrows a while back thinking I looked cool – but doing Prison Ministry, County Jails and Youth Authority counseling/ministry for nearly 10 yrs in So. California and Mexico – I was told only white supremist shave their eyebrows for a “kill/attack” on someone. After learning that in Old Corcoran State Prison in No. California I decided probably not a good idea – especially for work. I am a Purchasing Manager, Sr. Buyer and worked in the Aerospace industry for many years. Not a good look when greeting new sales people.

    So, overall – you look good – just grow the eyebrows back.

    Shalom (Peace in Hebrew),

    Sparks, NV.

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