Up For Auction.

Inspired by my friend Thom’s recent Mac purchase, and the wonderful browsing experience at the Apple store today, Earl and I have decided to go mobile and have ordered an iBook and a Powerbook, respectively. My Mac experiment with this used PowerMac G4 533mhz has gone splendidly, so it’s time to make the full commitment.

And there’s one other thing. My current computer is underpowered for SimCity4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack. After all, there are priorities in this world.

So the ebay saga begins again. Everything and anything that is not nailed down is going up for auction on ebay over the next couple of weeks. The cat has been hiding his toys because you’d be surprised what one will pay for a catnip toy on ebay!

That reminds me of a funny story… my dad’s family has this hardware store, with a somewhat surly cat that lives in the store. Not in the lumber yard or out in the parking lot, no, “Grayster” lives in the store and gets quite pissy if she is denied the right to sit on your paper plate or to take a nibble of your sandwich during lunch. Yes, a cat walks across the table while people are eating and no I’m not originally from a third world country. Anyways, with every cat comes catnip, somewhere. And Grayster is very adept at sniffing it out, so my aunt took to storing it in the safe. The cash register may be full of money but the catnip is secure in the safe. One night some idiots decided to break into the store. They found the safe and broke into it and decided to ignore the few dollars that were in there because they came across a plastic bag full of what appeared to be pot. But it wasn’t pot, it was catnip. That’s right, catnip. These idiots didn’t touch anything else in the store (including the nearby computer or the checkbook or anything like that), just the bag of catnip. So there they were, two men busted for burglary, and smoking catnip.

Anyways, auction season begins here in our lovely little household. I have a TON of Microsoft Windows software, as well as Linux and Unix books that are just ready to be sold to a little geek newbie. I also have the Powermac, as well as two PC’s as well. Get them while they’re hot! The computer room will become a meditation room/library/den type affair because with our notebooks we’ll be able to compute anywhere in the house! Oh the possibilities!