I See The Light!

Trudging through this last week of my current job has been somewhat of a chore, even though it’s only Tuesday. You see, I can see “the light at the end of the tunnel”, as my current employment comes to a close on Friday and I start my new adventure on Monday. I’m really anxious to get going on the new job, and as I start to wipe my hands clean of my current responsibilities, the days start to drag out just a little bit. I suppose I should revel in the accomplishments of the last 10 years in this gig, and while it gives me a smile, I must admit that I am ready to move on.

Ironically, work has been going wonderfully (if not a little slow) since I’ve given my notice. Training others of my duties is going well, for the most part. There are some things that you just can’t teach, as I tend to rely heavily on a sort of an electronic intuition and I believe you’ve either “got it” or you don’t. I don’t mean to sound snobby and all tooting my own horn about having the stuff to make computers and networks and such tick, but it’s like someone trying to teach me to be an artist – try as I might to paint something beautiful and original, the best I can do is trace a snowman off of a Christmas card.

I’ve been taking my lunch to work everyday since turning in my resignation, mostly to keep on the healthy side of things (the scale is confirming my decisions), but I’m really dying for some Chinese food. I know there’s about three days worth of calories in that little styrofoam container of goodness and rice, but it’s just so damn good. I think I might take the leap and have some for lunch tomorrow.

I had my annual physical on Friday (four years late, I may add) and was astounded to find that my blood pressure was 110/74. At my last physical it was 172/102. Dr. Lance (he likes to be called that) gave me a big thumbs up on that. Everything seems to be holding together pretty well. I attribute the better blood pressure to the impending career move and Earl not traveling as much… things just feel so ‘right’ right now. I guess the universe is confirming this with really strong feelings of deja vu appearing all over the place.

Life is good. I’m going to enjoy it.