Life in the Midwest.

Another day in beautiful Iowa. I just got back from eating supper at a local restaurant with my classmates and various members of the computer company I’m learning from. Being the techno geek that I am, I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in the first half of the training session. I thought I already knew it all. Apparently I was wrong.

I have a tendency to talk shop at company related dinners. Maybe my conversational skills are reduced to bits and bytes and binary babble. Maybe I should pay more attention to the useless one (Jai) on Queer Eye for The Straight Guy.

I still can’t get over how nice people are in the little town in northwest Iowa. It is so refreshing. Having only met a lot of these people just 12 hours ago, it’s amazing to me that I feel so comfortable being with them. I suppose this has been a study in assertiveness. I tend to be a little shy or withdrawn when confronted with a situation outside of my little world, but I’ve felt very at ease these past couple of days. It’s been a wonderful feeling. Perhaps this trip was exactly what the doctor ordered. I do have a fresh outlook on my current professional circumstances. And I feel a warm, sunny glow in my soul that I haven’t felt in a while. Not that I was full of darkness or anything like that, but the change of scenery and such has really lifted my spirits.

I do know that if Earl’s job dictate a move (and in all likelihood, that is going to happen soon), I am going to be better prepared to handle it, both professionally, and more importantly, emotionally. I’ll be able to handle making new friends and getting acquainted to a new city or town. I really like the idea of telecommuting.

Tomorrow night I head back home. I can’t wait to be with Earl again. I look forward to sharing my new lease on life with him.