It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature

On Friday I had the pleasure of doing my first commute to work via cycling of the season. It was a chilly morning ride, with the temperature hovering around 42 degrees and a 20 MPH headwind, but the ride home was spectacular with a gentle warm breeze, a sunlit sky and a temperature in the mid 60s.

Today, six inches of snow fell on us.

After work on Friday we had the pleasure of driving to Albany with the sunroof open for dinner and a movie. We decided to eat in the food court at Crossgates Mall and then see “The Core”. The food was better than the movie. I thought the movie was just o.k. The special effects were less than stellar and overall the movie didn’t seem to have any urgency about it. I didn’t have to take a pee break, so it held my attention the entire two hours, but it isn’t a movie I’d go see again. It was predictable.

Saturday morning we awoke to 70 degrees and a light rain. We decided to take a drive so we went to get Earl’s haircut in Syracuse, had a little bit of lunch and then headed to Rochester for a little bit of shopping at EastView Mall.

After EastView Mall I intended to head north to NY 104 and drive home along Lake Ontario, but a little voice (my spirit guide?) was telling me to head south and enjoy the Finger Lakes. So we headed down Interstate 390 to Corning. A beautiful drive, though the temperature had dropped to 40 and it was raining a little harder. By the time we got to Corning, though, the rain had stopped and we endured the chill in the air. We decided to eat at T.G.I.-Fridays. Right after ordering I saw a relatively large party walk through the restaurant, and lo and behold, my dear friend Kevin was part of the fun. I haven’t seen Kevin in over five years. So I walked over to his table and chatted with him a little bit. He looked good, though I could tell he wasn’t quite right. I was saddened to learn that his lover of seven years had passed away from cancer just a couple of months ago. It was good to see him, and we promised to stay in touch – I hope to renew that friendship again. Come to find out, he’s been in touch with my old roommate Jim (another good, good friend I lost touch with a while back) and he’s going to contact him and see if we can all get together again. I knew there was a purpose for heading south! Earl and I are best friends and inseparable, but it’ll be nice to get together with some of the old gang and do some catching up. I knew there was a reason for heading south!

Today I did some major overhauling on our website (if you haven’t noticed by now). I think it looks pretty good, though I may replace the background with something a little more artsy. Now we’re buckling down for the work week – Earl’s out of town for part of the week. It’s going to be lonely.