What a busy week. It’s great being system administrator for a radio station. I’m learning computer skills every day, and it’s great. I’m such a geek.

Earl and I had a wonderful dinner last night at Jack Appleseed’s in Utica. For the first time in quite a while, I ate chicken. Being a vegetarian since the beginning of the year, this was something for me, but I really like the taste of Chicken Marsala. When it was wonderful, except I didn’t care for the chicken. The sauce was great though. I wonder how Eggplant Marsala would taste?

Saw “Six Feet Under” for the first time, while visiting our friends Dennis and Vic Wednesday night. I love that show! We’re going to have to sign up for HBO again so we get it here at the house. I’m hoping that the cable company is going to be able to install cable for us, along with high speed internet. Living out here in the rural part of town, I’m not sure that the cable goes by the house, but the neighbors have it, so I’m sure they can get it here.

Earl’s been updating other parts of the site. I finally installed FrontPage 2000 on his computer and showed him how to use it, so you should see plenty of additions to the site over the next couple of weeks!

More to come this weekend…