The 2018 Road Trip: Day 7.

Today we drove from Elko, Nevada to Rock Springs, Wyoming. We are ahead of schedule for this trip and we’ll probably be home to Chicago on Saturday at the latest. We are still having a wonderful time.

We spent a few hours in Salt Lake City visiting Temple Square, home of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was moved by the experience. While I don’t agree with many religious practices, I believe there is a great value of having a belief of some sort. Personally my belief is in the Universe. I find my spiritual center with nature. Visiting Temple Square today reminded me to be humble, to listen, and to learn.

Naturally I took a lot of photos of flowers, because the Earth is very important in my spiritual beliefs.

The 2018 Road Trip: Day 6.

We drove from La Grande, Oregon to Elko, Nevada. The trip from Boise to Elko was along back roads. It was nice to get off the interstate for a couple hundred miles.

We settled for the night at the Ramada Inn at the Stockman’s Casino. It wasn’t very busy and the natives were chatty. Elko has three legal brothels. We didn’t search them out. I’m pretty sure the cocktail waitress that brought me a beer was drunk out of her mind. Another woman hit on Earl and I giggled.

At the end of the evening one of the one-armed bandits gave me $500 so we decided to call it a night.

The 2018 Road Trip: Day 5.

We drove from Butte, Montana to LaGrande, Oregon by way of Spokane and Richland, Washington. I had no idea that eastern Washington State was such a “cold desert”. The more you know.

The 2018 Road Trip: Day 4.

We drove from Laurel, Montana to Butte, Montana, with seven hours at Yellowstone National Park in between. I told Earl I’d like to come back to Yellowstone, rent an RV, and spend some time camping at the park, doing some hiking (more than we did today) and just enjoying downtime in the middle of nature. It can be winter, it can be summer, it doesn’t matter. Yellowstone is that fantastic and I could enjoy it during any season.

The 2018 Road Trip: Day 3.

We spent the afternoon in Theodore Roosevelt National Park (South Unit). It is stunning. I lost myself in the beauty for a bit and it felt good. 

The prairie dogs do it right.

The 2018 Road Trip: Day 2.

Earl and I drove from Tomah, Wis. to Jamestown, N.D. It’s been a misty drive, with the temperature never getting above 50ºF, but it’s been enjoyable. We’ve been singing, talking, and laughing in the Jeep. We stopped at the Mall of America for a bit. Earl had never been there. I visited back on a solo vacation in 2013 and liked the experience. It hasn’t changed much in nearly five years, but it’s still enjoyable for a mall. Tomorrow we continue west. We’ll finally cross into the Mountain Time Zone as we make our way across the prairie into the Badlands. We are off to a great start.

The 2018 Road Trip: Day 1.

Earl and I were on the road promptly at 5:00 PM Central. We are headed west on a 10-day road trip. We have things to see, states to conquer, and relaxation to be had. I’m looking forward spending every waking moment with Earl discovering what we find. Make life grand.

Be Sensible.

Remember when milk came in a carton? It really makes sense, doesn’t it. A carton is completely biodegradable, it’s easier to ship square containers, and there’s a cleaner manufacturing process for a box.

I’m happy to see boxed water all over the city of Chicago. I hope it’s catching on in the rest of the world. We don’t need smart water, we need this water.


The Trump Administration announced that they’re no longer going to provide visas for same-sex unmarried partners of Foreign Diplomats coming to the United States. They claim this is in the spirit of equality, because after all, they don’t provide visas to opposite-sex unmarried partners of diplomats. The administration claims it is their interpretation of equality.

I would like someone to tell me in what countries a man or woman can be killed for wanting to marry someone of the opposite sex. The Trump administration says if the partners of these diplomats want a visa to visit, they need to marry the diplomat.

Except in many countries, gay marriage is illegal. In other other countries, simply being gay is illegal. And in some countries, being gay can result in the death penalty.

We live in really, really dark times. Anyone that claims differently should be avoided as they obviously don’t have a grasp on reality.


Just imagine how wonderful society would be if demanded honesty, integrity, and morality. The hearty abandonment of these things, by the most self-righteous of the GOP of all things, is absolutely mind-boggling.

We just keep spiraling the drain.