There are rumbles in the air that ABC is considering reviving the brilliant comedy “Happy Endings”. The Internet better not be trolling us because this is amahzing news. The fast paced comedy has always been one of my favorites and I have been watching reruns since the show went off the air back in 2013. It was cancelled way too soon. The cast was brilliant together and the quirkiness, meta jokes, and farcical situations is just what we need in this otherwise depressing time in the United States.


Plus, I’ve always had a straight crush on Eliza Coupe.


  1. I love love loved the show. Bought every episode. So I too hope it’s true… though it’s going to be tough to schedule when Zachary Knighton is a primary character on the awesome new Magnum P.I. show.

    1. The Zachary Knighton issue crossed my mind as well. I haven’t watched the Magnum P.I. reboot so I don’t know how it is or how major of a role he plays, but I’m hoping he can find time to bring him and his goatee back to the role of Dave.

  2. He plays Rick… so pretty big. Only Magnum and Higgins have bigger roles. And, yeah, it would be awesome if he could find time. I miss that show, and re-watch all the episodes every year.

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