1. We have an old cat who lost his eye apparently when he was a kitten. He showed up at our home that way. Anyway he gets a little grumpy esp when I pick him up because I”m the one who clips his claws, cleans his ears and administers petromalt so he always thinks I’m going to do something when I hoist his 20 lbs off the floor, couch or bed. (With great difficulty)
    I had a red cat growing up but he was pretty even tempered unlike the female domestic longhaired red cat I got after I got married. She was the queen of the house and in the pecking order I was $2, my husband and her companion cat (a huge white Persian) were always in last place. She lived to be 20.
    I follow two cats on Instgram; Smoothie and a recused cat name Logan. Smoothie is a red British Long hair and Logan is a Loki (sp?) breed. Very strange looking breed. I never heard of it and had to look it up.
    I like dogs but find cats so much easier to take care of.

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