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Passport, Please?

Imagine coming home to the U.S. from a wonderful trip to the beautiful city of Montréal. As you make your way through customs, the agent asks you for your phone and password. Your passport is no longer good enough. He then takes a moment to flip through all your contacts, looks at your Facebook contacts and interactions, sees if you have Twitter and then takes a glance at your email. Perhaps before handing you back your phone and granting you access to cross the border, he peruses through all your photos. If you don’t do this you can’t get back home. Would you, as an ordinary American, be OK with this? Because there is speculation that we are about one and a half steps from this sort of thing becoming the norm.

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  1. Make sure you have everything backed up to the cloud before getting on that airplane and wipe your phone en-route. What is happening is obviously unauthorized search and seizure as prohibited in the Constitution, but what’s becoming obvious is that 45 and his minions have no respect for the Constitution or Rule of Law. And as long as no one stands up to those motherfuckers this will continue. 45 is ruling by fiat at this point, obviously thinking that he can run the country and expect everyone to fall in line by Executive Orders alone.

    And again, as I said, unless someone stands up to him, this is unlikely to change.

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