Pay Attention.

This photo has been making the rounds on the Internet for the past two days. It was taken aboard the Southwest Air flight from New York to Dallas that lost an engine, which took out a window, causing a rapid depressurization of the cabin of the Boeing 737. One passenger was partially sucked out the window and unfortunately did not survive the flight. The captain and first officer safely landed the airplane in Philadelphia.

I immediately noticed the three folks using the oxygen masks in the front of the photo were wearing the masks wrong. I also wondered, who was time to take photos when an airplane is in an emergency descent with a hole in the side of the fuselage?

It’s very important to pay attention to any safety demonstrations or information on every flight. I don’t care if you’ve flown the same route on the same kind of airplane every week for the past decade. The flight attendants are taking the time to educate every passenger on how the safety equipment of that particular airplane works and where to go and/or how to potentially survive an emergency. You may be the seasoned traveler, but the people around you may have no idea on what to do. You might need to help someone. Pay attention, every single time.

I am a private pilot. I fly airplanes. Every time I take a passenger up I review the safety features of the airplane I am flying. Even when I’m flying a flight instructor, I ask them if they have any questions about the the operation of the safety equipment in the airplane. I’ve watched airline pilots flying in the back of commercial flights. They pay attention to the safety briefings.

You need to as well.

I’m still a little surprised that people were taking photos while the airplane was in the middle of an emergency. The cynical side of me wondered if someone saw a cash opportunity by selling the photo to the media. I hope that wasn’t the reason for taking this photo. But I’m still really stunned the three people shown using their masks were using them wrong. You can even see the picture on the bag under their nose that demonstrates how to use the mask. I’m sure it was covered at the beginning of the flight.

Kudos to the captain, first officer and rest of the crew for doing their job, doing it well and bringing the flight to a safe conclusion. RIP to the passenger that lost her life when pieces of the engine came through the airplane.

Please, pay attention to the safety instructions, every time you fly.


It’s rather cool living in a city that tourists actually want to visit. I love going downtown and seeing the tourists milling about, looking for their next adventure.

Growing up we lived in a small touristy town but it was mostly fisherman flocking to the river we’ll known for its fishing opportunities.

Living in the third largest city in the country that is second to none is all sorts of awesome. I’m right where I belong.

Play Ball!

It’s that time of the year in the neighborhood!

We live just a short walk away from Wrigley. We will be attending many games this season.

Fly The W!


I’m writing this blog entry as a reminder. I have it bookmarked across my devices.

Last night we took a “Minnie Van” to dinner. The service is powered by Lyft and is fairly new to Walt Disney World. All of the drivers are Disney cast members.

The driver of our Minnie Van to the Boardwalk was a woman originally from Illinois. Like most cast members at Disney World, she was quite chipper in her demeanor. The thing that struck me as quite nice is she seemed to be a genuinely nice person. She loved her life, she loved she loved what she did with her life, and her outlook was bright. One could easily see that her pleasant Midwest demeanor had just been enhanced with her relocation to Orlando.

Pleasant people make the world a better place.

I’ve saved this entry and photo as a reminder to me to focus on being pleasant. Find a positive attitude. Share those pleasantries.

It’s a great way to make the world a better place.


I have no idea who is in this choir or where they are from. All I know is that their performance seemed quite genuine today. A couple of the performers swayed as they sang, and the swaying felt like it conveyed the emotion they were feeling as they sang their song. Someone on the left was singing flat on every note, but I couldn’t identify who that was. The tall blonde on the left hand side of the stage was the soaring soprano; her voice was easy to pick out. The young men in the back needed a touch more confidence. This was something that I was told all the time when I was their age and now I’m telling them: you sound good, sing it out.

Listening to this unknown choir sing at Disney Springs today was a delight. They were good and they should be proud of their performance today. Whoever you are, great job. You represented your school well today.


I don’t ride the Aerosmith Rockin’ Roller Coaster. It’s just not my thing. So I’m sitting in my traditional spot, waiting for the rest of the family to enjoy their thrill.

I’m content with the people watching.


Earl and I recently upgraded the console display in our 2016 Jeep Cherokee to include navigation. I have to admit, for a automotive company born product, it works quite well and is very intuitive. I believe the underlying operating system is QNX.

Voice commands work well, but you have to be more specific with your wording versus how you would talk to Alexa or Siri and especially Google. Instead of saying “take me to the closest gas station” I’ve found you have to say “Find directions to the closest gas station.” Response is quick; she’s just picky about my verbiage. My “Great Lakes” accent is not a problem, she can parse my flat As just fine.

One of the things I like is the inclusion of the speed limit for the stretch of road you’re on. I’ve watched this on and off during our travels today and it updates almost immediately when the physical speed limit changes on the roadway. With this navigation upgrade the time is also synced to GPS. That’s nice when you’re bouncing between time zones. Also, because I’m focused on these sorts of things, the clock advances when my Apple watch advances, since they’re all using the same time source. I like all clocks around me to be in sync.

The navigation system offers three routes for your desired destination: the fastest, the closest, and the most economical. It will also sync with contacts lists and the like on your phone so we can say “Find directions to Jamie’s house” and it knows where we want to go.

At first we thought the navigation enhancement was unnecessary because we have Google Maps or Apple Maps on our phones; but honestly, it’s nice to not fiddle around with the phone when you’re trying to get somewhere on the road. Having everything on a well laid out screen and easily accessible is a safer approach. Chrysler offered a $150 discount on the service this week and that’s what prompted us to make the purchase.

The technology is very cool and the data geek is really enjoying the enhancements in the Jeep. I highly recommend the service if you’re in the market for that sort of thing.