Choose Happiness..

My responsibilities as an aviator precludes me from doing drugs. Aside from growing up terrified of Nancy Reagan and her “Just Say No!” campaign, I want to be the best pilot I can be so I refrain from doing drugs. I think this is a smart choice.

We live in chaotic times. At work I’m noticing the “casual” methods of dialog, instant messenger, team chats, etc., is creating a more casual approach to communication at work in general. This casualness, coupled with the current chaos in our country, and enhanced by the fact that the workbase is scattered all over the world, is resulting in a pervasiveness of snark and snippy dialog in professional communication at my place of employment.


Since our return from Disney last month I have consciously decided to “choose happiness”. I know that makes me sound all Pollyanna but the fact of the matter is, there’s always a good side of a situation and there’s always humor in any situation, we just have to find it. Dropping pleasantries will get us nowhere.

Pot, meet the black kettle.

I’ve raged some whoppers of dialog at folks on the Internet over the years. I am convinced they never heard me and I would be right where I am today whether I had raged at Sarah Sanders or whomever or whether I just chose to drop it and move on. Screaming into the digital ether will rarely change anyone’s mind. And honestly, who really cares what I think?

Why waste my emotional calories on something that isn’t going to bear fruit.

So here I am, choosing happiness. Without drugs. Just doing my thing.

Perhaps if we all chose happiness we’d find the world to be a happier place.


I formulated a blog entry during my walk through the sleet and snow this morning but being age 51 I currently have no recollection of what I was going to write about.

I will say my husband and I have been enjoying the latest (and last) season of “Madam Secretary President”. Téa Leoni and friends have been tackling current political issues with their storylines and it’s pretty much like watching “The West Wing”. It’s unfortunate this is the last season of the show, but CBS likes to bury it on Sunday nights after football games and the like. Still quality stuff. People could learn things from watching this show but they won’t.

Another nicety of the latest (and last) season of “Madam Secretary President” is my introduction to actor Wentworth Miller. Until this show I’ve never heard of him but apparently he’s been on a bunch of other shows. I’m liking his portrayal of a cranky Republican senator on the show and admittedly he’s enjoyable to look at.


Listening to the waves crash along the shore of Lake Michigan in the middle of November is incredibly relaxing. Being able to escape this environment in just a short walk from home is yet another reason I love Chicago so much.

It may be grey and cold, but it is still beautiful. Love the outdoors regardless of the time of year. I know it always bring me to center.


I live for the day I can have this moment in real life. Exquisite crystal stemware, an ornate fireplace, and me yelling “Please!”.

It would be glorious.


Photo from Yelp.

I just enjoyed probably the best massage in my life at Sir Spa here in Chicago. Located in Andersonville, Sir Spa bills itself as “the ultimate Chicago spa for men”. There’s plenty of mood lighting and music to get you in a relaxed state of mind. The locker room amenities are awesome. And the slate of services offered is plentiful.

Antonio sent 90-minutes kneading and rubbing every knot out of this middle aged body and I feel absolutely wonderful. While I just laid there on the table while Antonio did his thing my mind wandered and problems were solved. The sky cleared, my skin cleared, and my mind cleared. I’m ready to tackle the work week.

Good thing tomorrow is Friday.


So Earl and I stood in line for around 15 minutes at the Popeye’s down the street for their returning Chicken Sandwich. Anticipation for this day has apparently been big, and the Lakeview Popeye’s in Chicago was well staffed and well stocked for The Big Day.

My husband and I were the last ones to fit in the door; folks behind us had to wait in line outside for a few moments. Luckily, the weather was sort of warm this evening.

The sandwich was very good and probably better than the equivalent from Chick-Fil-A. I enjoyed the “classic” version; Earl had the spicy version, which he enjoyed very much.

The crowd was very interesting. It was a smattering of apparent socio-economic standings as well as several different gender representations. People were cordial and everyone was talking to everyone else about wanting the chicken sandwich. There were mentions of the other chicken place and the absence of hate here at Popeye’s.

All in all it was a good experience and an enjoyable meal.


We had an inch or two of snow fall on Halloween. Today the majority of it melted, though there’s still some snow covered accoutrements here and there. As the snow melted, the leaves fell. It added to the spooky ambience of the season.

I’m waiting to see what neighbor fires up the Christmas lights first.