Beautiful People.

A little Monday morning pick me up. Here’s “Domino Dancing” by Pet Shop Boys. Those with a good ear will find the production of the track familiar; it was produced by Lewis A Martineé, who produced the first two albums by Exposé

Ear Bug.

This song has been playing on an endless loop in my head this morning, so I had to go out and find the video. I cranked it up, danced around a bit and now I’m settled in for the day.

Released 31 years ago this week, here’s Klymaxx with “Man Size Love”, from the “Running Scared” soundtrack.

Flashback Post 2008: Mix With Me.

I was looking for a photo from my heavy blogging days and stumbled across this video from nine-ish years ago. It’s me dancing around the studio and doing some mixing on my Apple PowerBook G4.

Here’s the video that was featured on that post. The two songs in the mix:
“I’m Gonna Get You” by Lonnie Gordon
“Don’t You Love Me” by the 49ers (sampling Jody Watley)

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I’ve posted this video before but every once in a while I need to escape into some music and reset my center. There’s rarely a song that comes out these days that grabs my attention, but this track, released in 2013, nearly moves me to tears. Nostalgia? Perhaps. But it’s also a solid tune with amazing vocals.

Here’s Gary Barlow (from Take That) and Agentha Fältskog (from ABBA) with “I Should Have Followed You Home” from 2013.


How I enjoy the sexy vibe of this video. Formal wear, mischief, hotel rooms… all quite sensuous. Here’s a little motivation for your Friday.

Armin Van Buuren featuring Nadia Ali, “Feels So Good”.


Whenever I need a bit of motivation in the morning I always enjoy this music and video, “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself” by Jess Glynne.

YouTube was kind enough to suggest a video interview with Jess from 2015 this morning and I watched it after enjoying the music video. We need more people like Jess Glynne in the world, especially her attitude toward love and sexuality. The interview is very interesting, in particular starting around 3:22.

The Fighter.

I have loved this song since first seeing it performed live on the Grammys a couple of weeks ago.   I’ve been cranking it up in the Jeep. It’s putting me in a springtime mood.

Enjoy Keith Urban with Carrie Underwood and “The Fighter”.

Hello, Piano.

The first time I went to college (right out of high school), I went to study music education. My plan was to become a music teacher. I went on an instrumental study, having originally auditioned as a vocalist but after being rejected by the school I went and tried again as a tuba player. It was easy for me to get into the music school as a tuba player, tuba players are rare. I had played tuba since the fifth grade. I wasn’t exceptionally good nor passionate about it, but it helped me fill in the “bottom” of a given band, so I was good doing my part.

As a Music Education major I took many music theory classes. In depth study of how good music is constructed was quite interesting to me. In many ways music is math. Musical passages are fractions of the song and a well constructed piece of music makes use of equal fractions. I was always interested in how classical compositions related to modern music, especially dance music of the time. The college had just constructed its first electronic recording studio in the summer of 1986 and was offering classes in music recording, editing and the like. Because I was a music education major and because the equipment in the studio was very expensive, I was denied entry to any of these classes. I sometimes wonder where I would be in life today if I had pursued that line of music instead of the more traditional music education track.

One of the best ways for me to get centered for a work week is to listen to a composition of well constructed electronic dance music. It’s not really EDM in the sense of going to a rave and getting hyped up on E or anything. The intensity of the track needs to be subtle. Lyrics should be minimal and actually I prefer vocalizations that are instrumental contributions rather than the centerpiece of the creation. The use of real instruments, are at least very accurate representations, soothe my being. The track needs to have a “flow”; a logical construction that tells a story.

Please enjoy “Hello, Piano” by Inkfish and David West. This track is near perfection for my ears. Someday I’m going to figure out what the vocalizations are saying but I don’t get lost on trying to discern their meaning. I just let them blend in with the other instruments, the flanging between my ears adding to the bliss I feel when I listen to this track.

Best enjoyed with headphones.

Save Some Love.

It’s very rare that I will forget about a song that I played during my radio and club DJ days. I was watching some early 1990s music videos while working and this song came up on the playlist. The artist’s name seemed vaguely familiar, like a suggestion of another time. I decided to watch the video and as soon as I heard the musicality surrounding the lyrics of “walking in and out, and in and out”, I immediately remembered the track. Memories of saying “Rock 107, Central New York’s Only Hit Music Station” several times an hour, and around announcing this track, flooded back into my memory. I also remembered the syncopated intro being very hard to beat mix into another record when I was spinning vinyl in the clubs. I used to try to follow Liza Minnelli’s version of “Love Pains” with this track.

From 1991, here’s Keedy with “Save Some Love”.